I want you to know that pleasure is your birthright.

I want you to claim words that you’ve long thought were off limits to you—sensual, feminine, self-possessed, orgasmic.

I want you to feel free to express yourself fully as a sexual being, and to feel so confident and comfortable in that expression that it feels like a second skin.

I want you to be turned on.

I want you to step out of shame
and into your erotic power.

“I am in absolute awe of the transformation and blossoming that has taken place for me while working with Ev’Yan. I am more confident, body-conscious and tapped into my sensual power than ever before. She created the safest, most empowering space for me to explore my deepest desires, and has helped me completely redefine my relationship with my body.”

CHE CHE LUNA, sensuality coach and dancer

“I was hoping for growth, for a change in how my sensual and sexual self-interacted with the world. I hoped to come to a place without shame, without fear. I had no idea just how many harmful behavior and thought patterns would be revealed and challenged during our sessions. With Ev’Yan’s help, I’ve given myself permission to be truly liberated.”

—LONETTE R., teacher and yoga practitioner

A doula
for your sexuality

Hey! I'm Ev'Yan Whitney, and I facilitate, educate, and empower women-identifying folks who want to bloom into sexually free and body-adoring beings.

I want to challenge any oppressive belief that you are holding within you that says you are not enough, that you are broken, that your pleasure cannot be made a priority.

I want to help you take ownership of your sexual narratives in a culture that is constantly trying to downplay or overpower your pleasure.

I want to give you permission to unsilence and actualize the delicious desires of your body.

No more shrinking yourself. No more hiding.

It's time for a sexual awakening.


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