Your Feelings Are Important

In my writing practice, I often stop myself from expressing what needs to be expressed when it doesn’t come out in my usual style. In my mind, it’s always been that my work needs to masterpieces, otherwise they (you) won’t understand the weight & importance of it.

But I see the falsehood in that. And I want to give myself freedom to compose whatever comes through me, especially when what’s coming through doesn’t have 500 additional words after it (& this happens often). It’s part of my ongoing process of strengthening my animus. It’s part of honoring all aspects of my creative spirit, even its tiny expressions.

So starting now, I’ll be experimenting with allowing myself the spaciousness to write from the heart, particularly when the heart speaks in poem, in short-hand, in tl;dr (that is, “too long; didn’t read”) format. This will look like short ‘n sweet blurbs; less than 300 words of minimalistic & unembellished truth-speaking, sans images, sans rules.

Because I see now that what I want to say sometimes comes in bite sized pieces; that sometimes my truth is small, understated, & mighty.

Here we go. . .

x x x x x

Speaking your truth is important.
Honoring your feelings is important.
Saying no is important.
Asking for what you want is important.

Especially if it means hurting feelings. Especially that.

Your safety, sanity, well-being, nourishment, & happiness is important.

Don’t dumb it down, hold it back, or keep it unconsidered.

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