A Simple & Potent Reminder for When It Doesn’t Come Easy

It’s OK if it’s hard.

It’s OK if desire doesn’t come easy for you tonight, tomorrow morning, or mid-afternoon next Friday.

It’s OK if your body isn’t feeling juicy or sexual.

It’s OK if your orgasm is no where to be found.

It’s OK if you can’t seem to access the sensual, embodied, feminine parts of you today.

It’s OK if your inner dialogue is saying things to you that you would never say to your best friend or lover or daughter.

It’s OK if you’re not in the mood, if you’ve got a headache, if it’s been a long day, if the answer is simply No.

It’s OK if you don’t know why.

It’s all alright.

Your sexual identity doesn’t cease to exist, your erotic power does not become null, because of a bad night or a series of weird moments.

Just give yourself space to be. Allow this strangeness, these out-of-nowhere awkward feelings to pass through you. Honor what is. If “what is” is can’t do, that’s perfectly alright. (Yes, really.)

Everything goes in cycles; this is your cycle, one of many that you’ll have in your lifetime, & it’s perfect as it is.

You are OK, you are enough, you are whole.

This too shall pass.



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