Just For You: Digital Reminders for Your Sexual, Loving, Liberated Self

For the last few months, me & my sweet friend Amber Morgan have been working together on a little project: a set of pretty, sacred, ethereal digital wallpapers for our (& your) beloved electronic devices.

She approached me first with a desire to collab, & I was bowled over because her work is absolutely gorgeous. So we began experimenting, doodling, playing, & creating. Shortly after, beautiful images were born. And we want you to have them.

From us with love: pretty wallpapers for your desktop & phone—free!

The biggest themes around these wallpapers—apart from gorgeousness—are sacred geometry coupled with the transformative power of mantra.

Download one that speaks to you most, or download them all. And if you love ’em, share ’em!

We hope you enjoy. x

1. I am at peace with my sexuality.


  // click to download this set (includes backgrounds for iPhone & Android)


  • Vesica Piscis (two overlapping circles): symbolizing the vulva.
  • Triangle (point up): Shiva or Divine Masculine energy; the holy trinity—birth, life, death.
  • Peachy-orange hue: symbolizing being uninhibited, rejuvenation, confidence, & intuition.


2. My love is a verb.


 // click to download this set (includes backgrounds for iPhone & Android)


  • Triangle (point up): Shiva, the element of fire, & the holy trinity—body, mind, & spirit.
  • Heart: love, sensuality (listening with the senses), the feminine.
  • Pinky-rose hue: compassion, nurturing, openness, & unconditional love.


3. Liberation is my medicine.


 // click to download this set (includes backgrounds for iPhone & Android)


  • White feather: new beginnings; flight, freedom, going beyond boundaries; letting go.
  • Circle: wholeness, unity, protected, sacred space; the Divine Feminine.
  • Cyan-blue hue: speaking your truth, self-expression, & freedom.


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