The Splendor of Total Vulnerability

When was the last time you felt totally vulnerable? When was the last time you let your skin crawl with discomfort as you told of how you really feel? When was the last time you surrendered to unguardedness?

There is so much power in vulnerability, so much beauty, so much bravery.

In vulnerability, we are wide open, almost to the point of splitting ourselves in half. In vulnerability, we succumb to our inner truths & live them unabashedly; we have no choice but to do this. In vulnerability, we are fully intimate with life; we let in feelings & experiences to enrich our minds, practically drenching them.

In vulnerability, we are hypersensitive, hyperintuitive, & vividly conscious.

In vulnerability, we influence others to be just as open, which creates a gorgeous kind of domino effect of brazen authenticity.

How often do you practice vulnerability?

We’ve been conditioned to take our hearts off of their respective sleeves & close ourselves off to shield us from potential hurt. We only allow ourselves to be defenseless with a small selection of people. Or perhaps none at all. Perhaps we are not even vulnerable with ourselves, the thought of which lockens our jaws.

There is a great fear of vulnerability amongst us. People don’t want us to be vulnerable because they’re afraid of the feelings it elicits within themselves. Our susceptibility makes them uncomfortable; it reminds them of their own cold hearts.

And even within ourselves, we hear brisk voices whispering in our ears: No no, don’t say too much. Don’t be too trusting. Keep your emotions at arm’s distance. Don’t express your heart’s desire.

But I cannot be any other way.

I was born with my heart wide open. I came into this world with an innate ability to empathize, to switch wavelengths in order to reach & be reached by others, & I tap into this source when I write, speak, & listen.

I am nothing without my capacity to be utterly vulnerable.

Neither are you.

I’m not suggesting that we become doormats for the feet of others to stand on, or that we let our sometimes flighty feelings take precedence over our intelligence.

I am merely stressing the importance of being vulnerable. Of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Of channeling your emotions & manifesting them out into the open.

Today, I prompt you to be vulnerable. Write in your diary. Get your photograph taken. Compliment a stranger. Say what you really feel. Go out of the house without wearing a smudge of makeup. Meditate. Admit a fantasy, a secret, a failure, an embarrassment, to a friend, to your lover, or in the comments section below.

Above all things, remember that when you are consciously vulnerable you are not open to attack; you are simply open & you are susceptible to amazing things because of it.

Here are some recent examples of my own vulnerability:

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