Your Self-Pleasure Story: “Having The One You Love Watch You Love Yourself. . .”


// art by Erin M. Riley

“Me and my partner often masturbate together. I love watching his hand move up and down his erect penis while I writhe with pleasure at the sight.

Last week after an amazing night of sex, we were laying in peaceful silence when he turned over and said, “I want to watch you make yourself orgasm.”

Then he grabbed my hand and guided it down my body. I began slowly running my clit. It was still sensitive and pulsating with pleasure even at the slightest touch.

My body was quivering and moving in what I can only describe as waves. My eyes opened slightly to see him pleasuring himself whilst intently watching my every move.

Seeing this pushed me over the edge. In fact, I can feel myself getting wet just thinking about it.

I whispered to him, “Let’s come together,” and at that, we both came to the most amazing orgasms at the same time.

I think masturbating with a partner is hugely beneficial, as it builds trust and takes your intimate relationship to new heights.

Having the one you love watch you while you love yourself is such a beautiful thing. I’d encourage all couples to do this!”

Written by Amanda

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