Tell Them You Love Them

Who do you love?

Tell them.

And not just to the obvious, obligatory candidates for your love (your parents, your siblings, your great-aunt Mildred).

Tell your virtual assistant who saved your ass on launch day.

Tell your art buddy whose wisdom, vision, & accountability continues to strengthen the foundation of your own creative process.

Tell your cat who has never, ever once judged you for being who you are, what you do, or how you choose to live your life.

Tell your clients that challenge your work & make you a better leader.

Tell your life coach who acted as a mighty catalyst for you as you step more fully into your purpose.

Tell your yoga teacher, the one that helps stretch not only your body but your mind.

Tell them you love them.

And don’t hide behind a half-assed, shorthand “Love ya” or “<3 u.”

Those only reverberate as:

“I have strong feelings of care & admiration for you, but I dare not say those three little words to convey my true feelings because they’re drenched in too much emotion, so I shall instead chop them up, throw out the most useful, potent parts, & give you a version that is easier to digest but will not fully nourish your being.”


Say those three, specific, impactful words, the ones that turn our hearts into mush & make us feel a little high for a moment:

I love you.

Those simple syllables are small, but mighty. They instantly & allusively translate into:

I adore you.
I appreciate you.
I respect you.
You add delicious complexity to my existence.

Say it with moxie. Say it with warmth.

Say it because there is no ceiling on love; because you contain an infinite source of it; because love is meant to be given (& felt) freely on all levels.

Say it because you know you mean it.

Don’t apologize for it. Don’t end it with a disclaimer. Don’t dumb down your words to make less of an impact.

Make an impact.

When we challenge our capacity to love, we expand, strengthen, & master it.

© 2018 Ev'Yan Whitney. All rights reserved.