How To Have Better Sex With Your Partner Via Masculine / Feminine Polarity


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Some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had about sex and relationships have come from an evening spent at home with my husband. We’ve been known to stay up late talking very candidly about our erotic desires, our fantasies, and the state of our married sex life.

And the other night was no exception.

Last week, Jonathan and I sat down to discuss masculine/feminine polarity—what that means, what that looks like embodied, and how our sexual relationship has been made better by paying more attention to these energies.

And lucky for you, we recorded it.

In this episode of the Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, we discuss. . .

/ What it means when we say “Masculine” and “Feminine” (but first: a disclaimer).

/ How Masculinity/Femininity shows up sex, and why Jonathan’s answer gave me a mini orgasm.

/ The different kinds of penetration of the Masculine

/ The gift of the Masculine, and loving “aggressively.”

/ The give of the Feminine, and showing your radiance.

/ What the Masculine needs from the Feminine (spoiler: trust), and what it wants to give the Feminine:

“I want to melt you with my love. I want to love you so fiercely that it breaks down any part of you that says, ‘I cannot be loved.’

I refuse to accept that. Love will be here.”

(Hot damn!)

We also answered a couple of reader questions about Masculine/Feminine polarity in queer, non-binary relationships, and how feminine-energied partners can trust their masculine-energied partners more.

This conversation is in no way close to being complete. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Press play below to listen to our chat. (Player not showing up? Click here.)


  • David Deida + his book, The Way of the Superior Man

About Jonathan: He’s been seeking the truth about masculinity for the last ten years and teaches men how to embody their innate, wild, masculine strength at


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