The Sex, Love & Liberation Manifesto; a Sneak Peek

I am writing a book.

I’ve been feverishly at work on it for the last several weeks, & it’s finally starting to come into its own.

The concept is still forming. Sometimes it’s a manifesto; sometimes it’s a guide; sometimes it’s a little handbook. I personally feel the most comfort when I refer to it as a Manifesto, though I’m unsure if this label will stick permanently. It’s still evolving.

Regardless of its label, one thing continues to stay the same: it is a treatise for the bold at heart. It embodies everything I believe & everything I wish for you to reminded of. It is comprised of powerful statements that will light your heart on fire throughout the day; perhaps these words will even become your personal mantras. My goal is that you will read & continue rereading this booklet for the rest of your life.

Whenever I speak about my manifesto, I get goosebumps. This is the most authentic & life-enhancing thing I’ve ever written.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


I can barely contain my excitement about my book & I’ve decided to share with you a little snippet of it.


we are orgasms

We came from the belly of our parents’ lust, from the essence of their desires, from peaks of their orgasms.

In this way, we are that of which we were created from: lust, desire, orgasms.

Our erotic energy permeates throughout all things at all times. It trickles from the tips of our fingers to the soles of our feet. It is in the air that we breathe & the words that we speak.

We are sex, personified.

We should never forget this.

We are capable of such pleasure, such stimulation. We house a natural kind of sensuality that was meant to be radiated from every part of our bodies.

Not acknowledging & fully expressing that sensuality is a direct unkindness to ourselves.

When we become one with our eroticism, with our lasciviousness, with our sex… we are infinite.


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