Sex Love Liberation is Reborn!—A Celebration of Space, Ease, & Transition

“Perfection is static, & I am in full motion.” —Anaïs Nin

Welcome to my new digital home. I hope it feels like a breath of warm, shimmery air for you.

I have gone through some deep, personal transformations in the last several months—both inwardly & outwardly. Much of how I do my work these days consists of more ease, more lightness, more playfulness, more flow. . . & I wanted a new home for SLL that beautifully reflected that.

I think it translates well, no?

What’s new here . . .

  • Simple, open, white space. More than anything with this new design, I wanted it to feel spacious, uncaged, & easy-breezy. Less truly is more. Can you feel it?
  • Attention to detail & pretty embellishments. Despite the minimalism & white space, I still wanted to bring some elements into this digital sanctuary that grounded the space & made it feel like home. In the video below, I share with you what those elements are & where they came from. (Hint: a very secret place.)
  • Comments have been disabled. But not to worry! This just means we’ll take the conversation elsewhere. Twitter & Facebook is where I’ll be hanging, & I hope to hear your beautiful voice chiming in there.
  • Sex in Public (my story-sharing series) has been paused. . . for the simple reason that my focus is now steady on my own work. Previously shared stories can still be found in the archives.
  • It’s responsive! (And if you don’t know what that means, try viewing the site on your phone or mobile device. /winks)
  • New projects & endeavors. Private, one-on-one work; a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram; live workshops & events; an updated, extended version of my manifesto. . . it’s all happening (& happening soon).

With my whole & incredibly full heart, I thank you for enduring yet another change with me.

And to my man Jonathan, who took my very, very helter-skelter vision & ran with it in ways I could only dream about, & to Alex Reyes, the savvy fellow who, with his code-fluent mind, managed to translate the look & feel of the design verbatim: big, big love & thanks. You’ve both made my life more than you’ll ever know.

OH! I almost forgot. . .

I made some things for you!

1.) A video greeting from yours truly. In it, I talk about what inspired this new design, what ways I’ve made the site feel more like home, & how I want you to feel when you come into this sacred space. Press play below & turn it up a bit; sound is not as vibrant as I’d like for it to be. (Having trouble watching the video? Click here.)

2.) A mixtape of my favorite jams & croonings. These are songs that have been playing in my ears for the last several months as I’ve been continuing to form in newness, & now, the magic they imbue within me can be shared with you.

Play this mixtape when you’re in need of a sensual boost; when you’re longing to get grounded; when you want to be taken to new heights with your sense of sound. Or. . . whenever you’re feeling like you need some tunes that’ll make you swoon & sway.

a sensual mixtape from ev_yan on 8tracks Radio.

1. Passion // Nightmares on Wax
2. Gentle Spirit // Jonathan Wilson
3. Undo // Björk
4. You Woke Me Up! // Andrew Bird
5. Feather // Little Dragon
6. The Cosmic Game // Thievery Corporation
7. All for Myself // Sufjan Stevens
8. Go Slowly // Radiohead
9. Likufanele // Zero 7
10. Big Love // Broken Social Scene

Quick notes: Undo I love because the song could easily be about orgasm & the pressure we put on ourselves to go over the edge; it reminds me to let go & surrender. And Likufanele translates as “It suits you” in Zulu (it’s also a word that is tattooed on my forearm).


Here’s to new beginnings, ease, spaciousness, & glorious transition. I am looking forward to what this new chapter will bring for the both of us.

With love & liberation,


© 2018 Ev'Yan Whitney. All rights reserved.