Sex in Public: “I’m an orgasmic virgin.”

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I am a 23-year-old virgin and I plan to stay that way until I get married. A lot of people make fun of virgins or find them repulsive. The media especially frowns down upon them.

People ask me, What if you never find the one, what if you get divorced? Their fears illuminate what motivates them to actually have sex. They are amazed that I haven’t had intercourse because I am so good looking and “sexy.”

To me, sex is a sacred interaction of the soul; it reaches beyond the physical and enters the realm of the spiritual. It connects two souls and creates even more love between the two.

I don’t want someone to invade my temple if they are going to leave me. This is my explanation.

My parents divorced and left me to wonder what love and sex really meant. I didn’t want to lose something I couldn’t get back.

However, I have had numerous orgasms.

In a way, it really depends on what you call “sex.” Is sex simply penetration? Or is it others, such as oral sex, finger sex, etc? If so, I’ve had partners. I was lucky to have a boyfriend who loved going down on me.

The first time my sexuality was truly awakened was when I sat on his face and his tongue started doing its thing. I discovered something so precious. I cried.

Today, I’m unattached and not in a relationship. I’ve been single for almost one year, but have had several sexual encounters.

I’ve discovered ways to ignite my clitoris. I have more orgasms than some people who actually have intercourse. They are volcanic, electrifying, satisfying, and awakening orgasms that bring me to paradise.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all.

RL, Los Angeles


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