Sex in Public: “I videotaped myself having sex.”

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Last night I sat entwined with my lover, watching a 28 minute recording of us having sex. It was amazing. I felt like the gods let me peek through the curtain at things only they get to see.

Recently, the topic turned to the question of whether we would or could find porn to watch together.

I’m not anti-porn, but I find it contrived, awkward, like watching a bad sitcom where you can see what’s going to happen to the protagonist and you just wish you could step in and make it stop. I say that, yet admit that watching two minutes of hot penetration of any sort of body can get me off with a quick slide of my fingers.

What I really want to know, is what real people in their 30s who care about each other look like when they’re having sex. And in a slow, horrifying moment I proposed that the best way to find out, to see something genuine, to figure out what makes me uncomfortable or what turns me on, was to watch us.

We agreed it was vaguely terrifying, in the sort of way that tells us we’re on to something.

One thing led to another and last night I said, “Go ahead, press the record button.”

For half an hour we proceeded to forget that the camera was on. We caressed and kissed and fondled and licked and stroked and sucked and fucked whatever we wanted. He moaned. I screamed. I got a glass of water. We agreed to be kind to each other and to ourselves.

And then we watched.

We witnessed two people in love who adore each other. We watched the writhing of two bodies that were clearly made for pleasure. I noticed that I smile a lot and confirmed that I scream loudly. I saw what he sees when I suck his cock. I watched his finger slide into my cunt, his head nestle between my legs.

It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

RW, New York


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