What I Listen to When I’m Feeling Like A Sexy Beast


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When I’m feeling sexy, I want to flaunt my curves. I want to adorn myself. I want to take up space.

I usually feel my sexiest when I’m ovulating—a.k.a., the second week of my cycle. That’s when I’m more likely to go braless, to put on mascara, to wear my hair down.

Emotionally, I’m more open—I feel unreserved, inviting, playful. Mentally, much of the blockages that would keep me from accessing my erotic energy gets dissolved, and all I can think about is sex.

I treat my ovulation week like a grand event—I pull out all the stops to accentuate how good I feel and to give my desires a louder, stronger voice. And because I tend to live more in my body during that time, and not so much in my head, I feel like my sexiness is easier to access, thus making me a bit of a distraction to my partner.

One of the things I find myself doing most when I’m feeling sexy is dancing. I love to move my body; I have to. Sexual energy doesn’t want to be contained, it needs to move; it needs to be transmuted into some kind of physical expression. And dance is one of the easiest expressions to play with and release sexual energy.

So, in honor of my favorite time of the month, here are a few songs that I love to dance to that just so happen to encapsulate some of those juicy feelings of ovulation week sexiness.

Lion Babe’s “Treat Me Like Fire”—

Favorite lyric:
“Hey boy, I like your style
Come over here, let’s talk awhile
Yea you, I’m curious what we would do, the two of us
What would you like to do? I’ll introduce you to
My eyes, my lips, my hair. If you’re good we’ll go from there”

It reminds me of the times when I’m feeling myself and playfully flaunting myself in front of my lover, inviting him into my clutches.

Kelela’s “Bank Head”—

Favorite lyric:
“Remembering that one time
Had to stop it’s making me hot
Come on out, there’s no need to hide”

Those moments when I’m trying to focus but keep getting distracted by the sexy energy coursing through my veins, which is making me envision previous sexy times.

SZA’s “Ur”—

Favorite lyric:
“So give it up give it up mama

Undo your pants and your bra
I see you liking that, you must need a slice”

Taking off my bra signifies a softening in my body and a much-needed releasing of pent up energy.

FKA twigs’ “Hours”—

Favorite lyric:
“I could kiss you for hours
The feeling you bring
So deep in now”

Whenever I hear this song, I think about the times I’ve been lost in a kiss so intensely that I lose myself completely to it, and the only thing that exists is two mouths searching for each other. (Read about my other favorite FKA twigs song here.)

The Internet’s “Girl”—

Favorite lyric:
“Passion burning, causing rapture of laughter
Pressure building, falling faster and faster”

The growing excitement of sexual passion, with the kind of desire that rises in my body like bubbles, tickling my skin, filling my throat with muffled giggles.

Wanna Get Your Sexy On? Listen to This:

I made you a sexy playlist (how could I not?) filled with all of the songs mentioned above, plus a few more that make me feel like an especially hot-to-trot babe. Maybe it’ll do the same for you.

Listen to this while you’re getting dressed for a date with your beloved. Listen to this when you’re feeling yourself. Listen to this when you’re in need of a sensual boost. Listen to this when your sexual energy feels pent up and stagnant.

Move your hips. Shake your booty. Let your hair down. Dance like you’re trying to embody sexiness.


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When I’m Feeling Sexy from ev_yan on 8tracks Radio.

1. Treat Me Like Fire // Lion Babe
2. Bank Head // Kelela
3. Ur // SZA
4. Hours // FKA twigs
5. Blow // Beyoncé
6. What You Need // The Weeknd
7. Own It // Drake
8. Girl // The Internet
9. Rock the Boat // Aaliyah
10. Oops! // Tweet ft. Missy Elliot
11. Pink Matter // Frank Ocean
12. Burning Desire // Lana Del Rey

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