The Sexually Liberated Woman: Ingrid’s Story

For the entire month of August, I’m highlighting and celebrating the Sexually Liberated Woman.

slw-evyanNot the idea of her, not the vague notion of her, but her true-blue sexual empowerment in the flesh, featuring some of the courageous women I’ve had the privilege of working one-on-one with in the last few years.

Because being a sexuality doula—that is, one who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women who want to transition out of sexual shame and into their erotic power—is my deepest, truest passion, and through this work of intimate counseling and gentle coaching, I’ve witnessed some pretty gorgeous transformations. 

Last week, we heard from Emily and about her journey into deep body-love after years and years of body-hatred, and how all of that has transformed her sexual relationships.

And the week before, we listened to Kate as she shared her voyage to becoming an intuitive, sex-loving, pleasure-seeking, erotically empowered woman.

This week. . . we hear from Ingrid.

When we first met, I remember Ingrid being this young, beautiful, bright-eyed creative. She was in a long-term relationship with the love of her life and was in school studying one of her passions. Everything on the surface seemed perfect for her.

And yet. . . One of the first things she said to me when we got on the phone for the first time was “I feel broken.”

Sex was an ordeal for Ingrid, one that often left her in tears and her partner confused. She was held back by fear and wasn’t able to really let go and experience vulnerable intimacy.

(And it turns out, there was a very good reason for this, which I’ll get back to later.)

But in spite of her “brokenness,” she longed to blossom. She craved to be a wild, sensual, strong woman in tune with her body and soul. And she wanted to ditch the fear so that she could step fully into her erotic power.

In the 10 months that Ingrid and I worked together, I watched her do all of that. I watched her go from this sexually frigid girl who had a low libido to an erotically empowered woman who eagerly made sex a priority in her life.

“I am just now discovering who I am as a sexually liberated woman.” —Ingrid

To hear more about Ingrid’s story and beautiful transformation, take a listen below.*

*This episode comes with a light trigger warning for rape and trauma.

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> The “White Van Story.”

> The hard points—“Having sex felt like a hit-and-miss game.” Plus, body-numbness, heartbreaking conversations, and feeling like there was something wrong.

> The out-there thing she did when she was done with being broken.

> A peek at her healing process.

> How the sex is now (hint: It’s nowhere near the way it used to be).

> Who she is as a sexually liberated woman.


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