The Sexually Liberated Woman: A Conversation With Emily

For the entire month of August, I’m highlighting and celebrating the Sexually Liberated Woman.

slw-evyanNot the idea of her, not the vague notion of her, but her true-blue sexual empowerment in the flesh, featuring some of the courageous women I’ve had the privilege of working one-on-one with in the last few years.

Because being a sexuality doula—that is, one who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women who want to transition out of sexual shame and into their erotic power—is my deepest, truest passion, and through this work of intimate counseling and gentle coaching, I’ve witnessed some pretty gorgeous transformations. 

Last week we heard from Kate and we listened as she shared her journey to becoming an intuitive, sex-loving, pleasure-seeking, erotically empowered woman.

This week, we hear from Emily.

Last July, I was sent a slightly frantic email asking me for help. Emily initially sought me out with the hopes of healing and understanding her past sexual trauma. But. . . within the first few moments of us talking to each other, I could sense there was something else that was asking for her attention.

One of the first things she revealed to me was her long history of body hatred. Festering was the word she used to describe the feelings of discomfort with her physical form.

But, beneath it all, she had strong desires to be wild, free, sensual, confident. She wanted to be fully in her power and completely at home in her body. And with her mind’s eye, she could see herself as all of those things.

I remember having a hunch then that her path toward sexual liberation was going to look very different from what I was familiar with at the time; one that looked less like my typical “let’s talk about sex!” approach and more in the realm of body positivity and self-trust.

Because, as we soon found out, it was through unlocking body-shame that her erotic empowerment could finally blossom.

emily-slw“I’ve become so much more of who I always knew I was. . . I feel so much more connected to my creativity.”

It’s been just over a year since we began working together, and it’s safe to say that Emily has done a complete 360. Things have radically changed for her in big, big ways, and when we chatted she spoke very honestly about everything that’s brought her to this point.

Take a listen to our conversation below.

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> What life was like a year ago—“I was floundering so, so desperately.”

> Why we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about sex—“You can’t access sexual wholeness until you begin to do the healing work of and around your body.” (Tweet it!)

> The one word that really freaked her out.

> Why she used to hate the words “wild woman.”

> She used to have sex without any regard for her body—“Saying no was something I did not do.” Now? She’s on a totally unexpected sexual path.

> The advice she’d give any sexually traumatized or body-hating woman.

> Who she is as a sexually liberated woman.


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