What Do You Do When You’re In A Sex Rut. . . With Yourself?


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One of the first things that I got warned about when I entered a committed relationship was the reality that at some point in time, every relationship will go through a rut. Specifically, a sex rut.

I heard about this from everyone—my girlfriends, Cosmo, even my dad (which, awkward!).

Basically, you’ll go through a phase with sex where sex feels stale, boring, and predictable. I’m not going to pretend that my relationship is above this. Jonathan and I have been together for almost ten years, and we go in and out of these kinds of sex ruts.

Thankfully, though, I know what to do to get out of a sex rut with my life-partner.

But what about the sex rut I’ve gotten into with myself?

In this episode of the Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, I talk about. . .

/ How I got into this weird, unexpected sex rut with myself, and the erotic self that’s gotten lost in my committed relationship.

/ The new year’s resolution I made to keep me accountable to fixing the rut.

/ And all of the challenges and silly things that have come up since I began working on this.

“I was my first. I am responsible for nurturing that union. I am responsible for my orgasm.”

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Mentioned in this episode: You Were Yours First Before You Were Anyone Else’s, and National Masturbation Month.


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