Sex in Public: “I look best naked.”

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“I look best naked!”

That was the mantra I used when trying to recover from an abusive three and a half year relationship that left me feeling ugly and worthless.

I was desperate to regain some sense of self and decided to start with me as I came into this world. Every morning I would stand in front of a full length mirror with no clothes on and say…

“I look best naked.”

When I told some of my friends about my daily ritual, they cringed insisting there was no way they could do that.

I got it.

My first days were rough.

I didn’t believe a word of my mantra, in fact it physically hurt to say it.

But I persevered and in the process rewired my brains idea of beauty from what my asswipe ex-boyfriend and countless fashion magazines had told me.

This time the pain was worth it.

So for those of you running the other way at the idea of this daily love action, all I can say is turn around and walk towards the fear.

Here’s my “almost” naked version of doing this ritual.

No fancy lighting, no makeup, no upbeat music, just me and a mirror.

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— Kai, Los Angeles


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