Sex is an All Encompassing Word

Sex is rubbing cold noses together at a crowded bus stop.

Sex is a hand grazing your most precious pleasure spot, caressing until your body convulses in ecstasy.

Sex is running barefoot through a desolate forest, indulging in the feel of mud between your toes.

Sex is massages, embraces, gropings, glances.

Sex is gender & orientation.

Sex is chocolate.

Sex is that moment when two bodies crash into each other in a paroxysm of lust & uninhibited desire.

Sex is snuggling nude underneath a knitted blanket, with candlelight illuminating your shoulders.

Sex is fondling in the backseat of a beat up car; tongues darting, windows fogged, & hips humping.

Sex is songwriting, letter-writing, diary-writing, dream-weaving

Sex is interpenetration, flagellation, bondage.

Sex is fire.

Sex is gyrating to bass-filled music in the middle of a dance floor.

Sex is the inception of each new moment, the erotic union of the physical & non-physical.

Sex is intimacy, vulnerability, submission, connection.

Sex is an endless dance of the universe.

Sex is poetry.


Sex is open to interpretation

Sex cannot be constricted by any one definition.


Sex is an all encompassing word.

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