8 Traits of the Sensually Awake Woman


Photo from Tumblr

1. She breathes with her whole body, makes sure every cell is oxygenated. Because of this, tension has a tough time staying trapped in her body and her skin always seems to glow. She sees the breath as not only a thing that keeps her alive, but as nourishment to keep her grounded in her center.

2. She’s sensitive to the beauty around her. She notices everything—even the not-beauty—and she accepts it all fully, breathing it in, making it a part of her experience. Through this lens of sensitive awareness, she moves through life fully alert and deeply appreciative. And speaking of moving. . .

3. She moves slowly and intentionally. She doesn’t rush around, because she knows that in rushing she loses contact with her body and her surroundings. She takes her time and doesn’t worry if she’s late. She trusts that when she follows her own natural rhythms, she’ll arrive exactly when she needs to. And somehow, she’s always on time.

4. She makes space for the desires of her heart, her fingers always on the pulse of what it is she really wants. Sometimes she allows her desires to lead her—pulling her in this direction and that. For some, it might seem like she doesn’t know what she wants, but in all actuality she’s quite grounded by the cravings of her body.

5. She’s a fierce pleasure-seeker. She looks for pleasure in everything she does by asking this one question: “How can I make this feel good to me?” This simple question is the golden ticket to her happiness. For her, pleasure is never something to feel guilty about; she wants everything to feel good. That is the main point of her life. And surprisingly, she finds pleasure in nearly everything she does—even sitting in traffic.

6. She trusts her intuition intimately. If pleasure is the point of her life, then intuition is the guide that helps her travel toward this destination. Because it is her intuition that leads her to what is best for her, to what makes her feel good. Trusting this inner wisdom is essential to sensual living.

7. She’s a radical self-care practitioner. She makes sure her cup is filled, that her body feels good, that her mind is clear. And when it’s not, she says No—even if others will be upset or confused. But saying No isn’t the only way she exhibits loving care for herself. Self-care, for her, is about doing little things that’ll keep her steady in her life. And as for figuring out what those little things are—that’s where trusting her intuition comes handy.

8. She always finds ways to arouse her senses. Through music. Through moving her body. Through walking in nature. Through good sex. Through having friendships and conversations that stretch her. Through tastes that make her mouth water. If it’s not going to seduce her senses, even subtly, she’s simply not interested.

If you read this and felt a deep longing to be this woman. . .

It’s time to embrace your depth of experiencing pleasure.
It’s time to come home to your body.

It’s time to uncover your inner Sensual Woman.

Let’s go on a voyage of sensual awakening. Together.

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