Sensual Spring! + A Mixtape To Help You Blossom

There’s just something about Spring that makes me feel so feminine.

And by feminine, I don’t just mean it in the womanly-femme sense, but in the spiritually divine sense. I think it’s because Spring as a season is a time when the Divine Feminine comes out of hiding and into a full expression of being.

I feel a deep, deep resonance to Spring.

After having a rough inner Winter, Spring feels like amazing grace; like a chance to step into the lightness of liberating truths; like a celebration of my own vitality and capability and creativity; like joyful luminous sunshine on my shoulders.

I’m feeling it.
And myself.

Here are some things that are inspiring me to blossom into the feminine:

1. Wearing waistbeads which were gifted to me by a sweet friend.
2. Coming Home to Myself, by Marion Woodman.
3. Adornment: bright colors on my nails and lips, and pretty updos.
4. Coming onto and flirting with my man.
5. Journaling outside on my make-shift terrace.
6. Getting witchy*: studying tarot and astrology, and partaking in moon magic.
7. Sun-chasing.
8. Flower-collecting.
9. Soaking and sauna’ing at our local spa.
10. Beyoncé, FKA Twigs, SZA, Björk, Nicki Minaj, and Erykah Badu—on repeat.
11. And pretty much everything on this list.

*Did you know that the original meaning of the word witch is wise woman?

Also: I made something for you!

Big Time Sensuality! A sensual mixtape to inspire your blossoming

I made this mixtape in celebration of Spring; of not just the flowers that are blossoming, but of your own beautiful blossoming.

These are songs that sound like the luminosity, energy, and ecstatic joy that emanates through Springtime. I can’t help but dance whenever any one of these songs come on my iTunes.

One of my favorite songs on this mixtape is Finally Woken by Jem. Whenever I’m unsure, whenever I lose sight of my own purpose or the beauty of this world, I just hum. . .

Child don’t worry, it’s OK
The sun is out for another day
And I say it’ll be alright

As for you. . . I hope you listen to this and imagine yourself surrounded by blossoms and buzzing bees and radiant sun-rays.

That’s what these tunes sound like to me.


(Player not showing? Click here.)

1. Opening // Shudder to Think
2. Gobbledigook // Sigur Rós
3. 7/4 Shoreline // Broken Social Scene
4. Finally Woken // Jem
5. Big Time Sensuality // Björk
6. Micronomic // Lali Puna
7. Cherry Blossom Girl // Air
8. Rose Quartz // Toro y Moi
9. Constant Surprises // Little Dragon
10. I Walked // Sufjan Stevens
11. Shh // Frou Frou
12. Know The Way // Grimes

And now I can feel / Life is flowing through me.
I’ve got a big smile / I feel good.


© 2018 Ev'Yan Whitney. All rights reserved.