Things You’re Doing to Exhibit Self-Love… & You Don’t Even Know it

+ getting waxed
+ doctor’s checkups & pap smears
+ cat naps
+ making love / fucking
+ journaling
+ eating leafy greens & organic foods
+ slathering lotion on your body
+ buying new underthings
+ sunbathing
+ washing your back
+ painting your nails
+ masturbating
+ brunch
+ drinking a cup of tea
+ sleeping in
+ flossing
+ exfoliating
+ saying No
+ saying Yes
+ honoring yourself
+ deep breaths & yawns
+ neck rolls
+ giving in to a craving
+ crying
+ laughing
+ shampooing your hair
+ painting your nails
+ wearing your heart on your sleeve

Next time you catch yourself doing any of these things, rather than see it as part of your normal routine, shift your thoughts. Savor the idea that in this moment you are exhibiting a pure form of self-love, however simple.

Once you acknowledge it, feel the difference of the task at hand. Watch as it instantly becomes more tediously loving, more meaningful, more wholesome.

I dare you to try it.

Love is everywhere, especially the love you’re unknowingly giving yourself.

Seek, & you shall find.
Acknowledge & celebrate yourself.


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