His Side of the Story: My Husband’s Take on My Sexual Awakening


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In August, I dedicated the entire month to the Sexually Liberated Woman, and ended up talking to three different women about how they overcame sexual shame and stepped into their erotic power, all in their own unique ways.

Then, to close out the month, I shared some of the qualities of the Sexually Liberated Woman, as inspired by their brave stories.

Highlighting and celebrating their sexual awakenings was so fun.

But there was just one story missing: My own.

I’ve mentioned before many, many times that sex didn’t always come easy for me, but I’ve never really talked about what my process of healing and reclaiming my erotic essence looked like.

So, I wanted to sit down and talk about my personal journey into sexual liberation, sparing no details. And I was just about ready to do my thing (that is, writing out a summary of my journey) when my husband, Jonathan, had an idea.

“How about I interview you?” he asked. “I could ask you questions about your sexual awakening and we could record it.”

I thought it was a perfect idea. Not just because I’ve been enjoying playing Podcast Witch, but also because I knew that by having this discussion with Jonathan, it would maybe  offer you a different side of the story than you’re used to.

Because my sexual dysfunction didn’t just affect me—it impacted him, too. And we both had to go through the healing process together.

So who better to discuss my sexual liberation journey with than my lover of almost nine years?

hottie-jonathan“Your energy around sex has become so much more playful and confident.”

Press play below to listen to our candid conversation.

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> Where I was before I started my journey to sexual liberation (“I was having panic attacks every time I had sex”), and how it all affected Jonathan.

> The process I went through that made me realize I needed to shift my beliefs around sex.

> What Jonathan saw shift in me through my process of reclaiming my erotic expression: “You’ve embraced booties more”(?!).

> Two practical tips to help jumpstart your sexual liberation journey, PLUS some questions you should be asking yourself.

> I put Jonathan on the spot. . . and then I make him an offer he can’t refuse.


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