35 Reasons You Should Add Masturbation to Your Self-Care Routine


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We’re coming to the end of May, which signals the end of National Masturbation month.

I’ve had such a blast exploring & celebrating masturbation with you, & to close it out, I thought it would be helpful to give you even more incentives to masturbate.

Particularly, to add masturbation to your regular self-care routine.

Because we’re very familiar with the typical ways to exhibit self-care—saying no; sleeping in; moving our bodies; tuning in to our intuitions; feeding ourselves nourishing foods; unplugging from the internet, etc.—& solo-sex is an often overlooked.

But not anymore!

Here are 35 reasons to touch yourself as a form of self-care:

1. Masturbation keeps your yoni healthy.
2. Masturbation is the safest sex you can have.
3. Masturbation helps create & sustain your sexual sovereignty.
4. Masturbation is the best way to get to know your sexuality.
5. Masturbation relieves stress & tension in your body.
6. Masturbation gives you a delicious natural high.
7. Masturbation helps you have a better relationship with your desires.
8. Masturbation grounds you into your body.
9. Masturbation is an invitation to practice healthy selfishness.
10. Masturbation feels good.
11. Masturbation cultivates self-intimacy.
12. Masturbation can ease PMS symptoms, like cramping & moodiness.
13. Masturbation can prevent cancer & heart disease.
14. Masturbation fosters self-acceptance.
15. Masturbation is a natural sleep aid & fights insomnia.
16. Masturbation is free!
17. Masturbation makes the sex you have with others more enjoyable.
18. Masturbation promotes body mindfulness.
19. Masturbation helps you explore the many different orgasms you can have.
20. Masturbation helps you build sexual confidence.
21. Masturbation can jumpstart your creativity.
22. Masturbation creates an intimate kinship between you & your genitals.
23. Masturbation is the ultimate form of self-love.
24. Masturbation is easy!
25. Masturbation helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
26. Masturbation expands your capacity to experience pleasure.
27. Masturbation helps cure headaches!
28. Masturbation is a great way to reconcile your relationship with porn.
29. Masturbation helps you have more orgasms more consistently.
30. Masturbation helps heal sexual core wounding & traumas.
31. “Masturbation adds to [partnered] sex.”
32. Masturbation is a form of meditation.
33. Masturbation is a great way to stretch & play with your erotic imagination.
34. Masturbation can be a spiritual practice.

35. Masturbation is a bold gesture toward nurturing your sexual essence.

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I’d like to take a moment to honor former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who, back in 1995, was forced to resign from her position after she said that she felt masturbation should be taught in sex education. (Inter)National Masturbation Month was created in celebration of her & her brazen sex positivity.

Dr. Elders is a Black woman whose audacity & moxie helped shake the foundations of sexual shame & patriarchal norms. (She & I have that in common.) I am very inspired by her.

Thank you, Dr. Joycelyn Elders.

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