Queer Women of Color, Sexy Sex Language, & Vintage Porn (a few of my favorite things)


Here’s a short & sweet list of things that tickled my fancy (& nether regions) this week. . .

The Peculiar Kind

From its site, The Peculiar Kind is described as “a web series that candidly explores the lives & experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening & unscripted conversations.”

I concur.

The cast is frank (& a little shy, & a little cute), their sentiments are sincere, & their vulnerability is tangible. My kind of show.

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CORSET Issue #2: Orgasms

In February, a gal by the name of Arielle Loren was featured in my Sex in Public series, in which she spoke about having done a nude photoshoot for the inaugural issue of her magazine CORSET.

Its first issue practically flew off the shelves & its second — dedicated to orgasms & features Slow Sex educator Nicole Daedone — will be launching very soon.

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Turn Me On, Dammit!

I’m adoring this Scandinavian film for its magnificent tagline:

“How come there are so many movies about a teenage boy who wants to have sex and this is the only one about a teenage girl who wants to have sex?”

Great question.

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Sex Language

If you speak English, you know that we have a very uncanny way of using words that make sex sound incredibly unsexy.

Words like snatch, vag, screw, prick, & cunt (though I’m generally fond of that one) just don’t have a sensual ring to it. Never mind phrases like “carpet-munching” “muff-diving” & “cock-sucking”, which all have a very gruff & vulgar sound to them.

So imagine for a moment what it would be like — what it would sound like — to refer to your vulva as a jade gate or your penis as a jade stem. Chinese Taoists’ wordage is a bit esoteric, to be sure, but much more sensual sounding & respectful to the sacredness of sexuality.

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Hump Day Hero

The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health featured little ol’ ME as one of their Hump Day Heros. I’m incredibly flattered to be added to the list of fellow sexuality professionals, which include Carol Queen, Charlie Glickman, & Heather Corinna.

Truly an honor.

>> CLICK to check out the feature & celebrate with me.


Q: Anything sexually poignant pass through your ears/eyes this week?

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