Intuition: Your Inherent Super Power

I consider myself hyperintuitive. I can tell within seconds of meeting a person if they have good intentions. Not based on facial expressions or gestures, but from an aura, an energy that encircles around our bodies at all times. This sense is penetrating, mighty. It operates on its own without my coaxing.

It is with this keen ability that I can pluck from my life people that have that je ne sais quoi about them that piques my interest & prompts me to investigate their purpose.

I know instantly when I’m in the presence of a kind soul. I feel lighter, happier; their kindness encloses around me with such warmth that I become drunk off of it. Their good intentions vibrate through my bones & I am incredibly calmed by it.

But there have been hands that I have shaken, bodies I have held, that caused me to think twice, to second-guess, to tread carefully.

It is with these people that something within me flairs up & I am left walking away from them thinking, “I don’t know.”

Because my Intuition doesn’t tell me in graphic detail what it senses. It gives me only snippets of emotions so vague that I can only speculate what is trying to be conveyed. But I take these fuzzy cues & the incomplete thought of “I don’t know” to mean something.

So when a part of my thoughts trail off with “I don’t know…” after meeting a person, I draw inward. I listen intently. I proceed with caution.

Our Intuition is also one of the most ill-nourished senses that we possess. We often fail to heed its warnings, those red flags, for the sake of our pride. We discredit our first impressions; we doubt our innate ability to read people or situations.

Instead of investigating our discomfort surrounding a person (or a place, or a thing) we lean away from it, dismissing the very things that caused our ears to prick up.

I myself am terribly guilty of this.

I have this awful habit of not trusting myself, therefore anything my Intuition is trying to tell me — sometimes practically screaming at me to notice — I ignore & decide to come to my own conclusions (“my” being my arrogant ego). In these moments I am stubborn. I don’t want to admit what I truly feel within my bones: that gnawing apprehension, that incessant sensation of inner disquiet, that irritating phrase of “I dont know” repeating over & over.

For me, it’s much easier to swat away these things rather than explore them. Exploring them requires me to surrender to the truth, while tuning out my ego that pressures me to go it alone, to do it my way.

And like clockwork, whenever I ignore my Intuition & go my own way, I am left heartbroken after seeing people for who they really are: untruthful, unreliable, incompatible, toxic.

Most of the time, this bitter realization means nothing more than two people simply not being a good match. But there have been times where the very presence of a person would put such a weight on my spirit that I felt burdened by it, as though my innards were so disturbed by this person’s energy that my jaw felt like it was chewing tin foil.

It should never get to that point.

It should never become so unbearable to my senses that staying in the same room as a person is like pulling teeth. I realize that if I had just listened to my Intuition from the start, it need not have gotten so excruciating.

I see this, & I’m working on it. I’m working on trusting myself.

My Intuition specializes in the reading of people, their energies, & their intentions, but lately I’ve been channeling it into other things. Namely, what I write here at SLL & the way I conjure up my innate wisdom from the pith of my gut to pass through my throat. In exploring this, I’ve sensed a deeper meaning behind every topic that gets picked to be discussed here.

It’s not simply by happenstance that I compose articles that intrinsically touch your spirits or give you precisely what you needed to hear in that moment. It’s a deep-rooted instinct of mine that transcends simple judgment, almost like a kind of clairvoyance.

My Intuition fuels my work, which goes to show that it isn’t a method to pinpoint only negative, unwanted things, but for the positive, significant, & vital passions we have in this life.

Intuition is our sixth sense, our sublime super power. It is that exquisite inner voice that tells us to stop, go, or slow down. It’s that illustrious spirit within us that advises us naturally, gently. It is our instinct & conscience all rolled into one.

Our Intuition is more than a voice; it is a trusted guide, a kind of perception that we can evoke when we’re in need of direction. Our Intuition transcends our other five senses; it is simply otherworldly.

Everyone possesses this potent, semi-supernatural faculty.

We hear the phrase “Follow your intuition” quite often, but what does it mean?

It means respecting a kind of awareness that exceeds immediate consciousness. It means summoning a deeper level of alertness. It means trusting what every cell in your body is urging for you to pay attention to.

Following your Intuition means honoring yourself, saying no (or yes) with mindfulness, proceeding with carefulness.

There is an unmistakable vibrancy about your Intuition that gives itself away quite clearly if you only take notice.

Take notice.

That is my challenge for you today.


Q: What part of your body does your inner voice speak from? When was the last time you obeyed your Intuition?

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