Your Self-Pleasure Story: “Because of Masturbation, I Love My Body. . .”


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“I love masturbating. I love solo sex. I love fucking myself. I love being able to come home, lay in my bed, take off my panties, and let my fantasies go wild.

Masturbation inspires me, gives me passion, makes me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet.

It’s because of fucking myself that I have so much appreciation of my body. Masturbation makes me love my hands, face, breasts, tummy, thighs, legs—everything.

I love my body more and more everyday because of masturbating.

My imagination to this day has been more creative, more inspiring, and more dirtier because of jilling off. Porn, erotica, my lavish and salacious imagination get me off. I love using my fingers, vibrators, humping my pillow.

I love getting off solo because it connects to me everything. My body, nature, the air, my mind, my being, my soul. When I touch myself I feel so connected to my body inside and out.

Expressing my sexuality, sensuality, desire and lust through masturbation is the ultimate experience and the ultimate love.

It’s because of masturbation that I love my body more, I love my sexuality more. I love myself more because of jilling off.”

Written by Serene

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I want to say a giant thank you to everyone who submitted their self-pleasure stories in celebration of National Masturbation Month. Even the ones that didn’t get published (there were far too many to choose from!)—thank you. I see you.

Through reading your stories, through witnessing your boldness, I myself was able to heal unknowable parts of me that were still hindered by shame around masturbation.

And I know intuitively, others were healed too.

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