Five Years Later, This Is Where I Am With Sex Love Liberation

It all began five years ago.

I was doing fashion blogging back then, but felt a strong craving to do something else—something with more purpose, something that stretched me more than taking pictures of my outfits. I found myself gravitating toward truth-speaking.

Specifically, I wanted to speak about the struggles I was having with sex as an adult woman. I wanted to talk about how the shame that kept me from feeling safe to express my erotic desires, and I wanted to be honest about how my new marriage was quickly becoming strained by that.

Not soon after I had expressed a desire to be stretched, the world spit out an opportunity for me to create Sex Love Liberation. This side-project-turned-life-purpose has been through many iterations since.

It started as a place for me to explore who I was as an erotic woman, then slowly transformed into a place to heal my sexual dysfunction. Then, it turned into a refuge for others as they find their footing in their own sexual identities.

It’s been five years of chronicling my sexual awakening, five years of holding space for others as they do the same. Five years of becoming, opening, releasing, transforming, growing.

As I’ve continued to grow and change as a sexually liberated being, this blog has changed too. And it’s changing again.

Over the last few months, I’ve sensed that something just wasn’t right, that the direction I was going in wasn’t working for me anymore. If I am to do the kind of work that I do, I need to be true to myself, and I need to continue to walk towards that truth. No more evading the truth, no more playing it safe. It was time to make some drastic changes.

I talked to some of my closest friends and allies, and came to a powerful conclusion:

It was time for me to come out.

And here it is.


When I said that it was time for me to “come out”, I meant it like this:

It’s time for me to come out of hiding and reveal the depth and significance of my work. It’s time for me step up into my power as a sexuality doula. It’s time for me to truly own my craft and celebrate my wisdom. It’s time for me to shine as the queen I am (which, by the way: Queen is my word for 2016).

This new design is all about that.

It’s also about you—your eroticism, your sensuality, your queendom. It’s about inspiring you to shine your radiant light. It’s about empowering you to take up space as the beautiful, sexual woman you are.

I hope it translates.

Welcome to the new Sex Love Liberation!


At this point, I need to give mad, mad props to the people who helped make this kickass design happen. Because without them, this new iteration would not be a quarter of what it is.

Amber Morgan is the incredible artist that designed—by hand!—the new logo. With her magical powers, she created something that reads both elegant and fierce, while also manages to be incredibly unique to me. Like a boss. Hire her. She is a creative goddess.

My sweet husband, Jonathan Mead, did the design. He coded, crafted, and articulated the hell out of this website—from scratch. Not only am I incredibly grateful to him for offering his help to me, a hardcore Virgo!, I owe him fifty BJs for his ability to pull me out from the depths of self-doubt and push me to go on.

There are no words in the English language that could truly convey the love I have for this man.

All of them worked so hard, but all of this wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for all the preparation, planning, meditating, and space holding I did for this new digital home, which started about a year and a half ago. I’d like to thank myself for not chickening out and for trusting my own intuition and vision. (I also can’t wait to take a nap!)

OK! Enough sentiment. Take a look around!

Also, check out my ebook—it got a lovely little makeover too, and is on sale for $5 this week in celebration of five years of Sex Love Liberation.

If you notice any funky things happening with the design, please let me know by sending me an email. Or! Send me an email telling me how much you like it. We worked so, so hard, and your words are like honey to us all (but me especially).

Big things are in store for Sex Love Liberation:

A podcast (coming this month!), a collaboration with an incredible online publication, a new e-course about sexiness, and more opportunities to work one-on-one with me.

2016 is going to be a huge year for sexual liberation.

Thank you for joining me.

Ev’Yan x


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