11 Erotic Intentions I’m Making for 2015

On New Year’s Eve, I sat crosslegged in my Goddess Space, with super-chill music playing in my ears, & worked gingerly through my Review, Reflect, Release workbook.

When I came to the section about creating intentions for the new year, I wrote down all kinds of random big wishes: APL (arm-pit length) hair; get further into a zero-waste lifestyle; make more terrariums; go out dancing; more books, less television.

I covered all bases: my business endeavors, my well-being, my creative life, & also my erotic life.

Every year, I make an effort to give my erotic life a little airtime in my intention-making process, but this year I wanted to dedicate an entire list to my sexy, sensual, & lewd intentions.

Here’s eleven of them.

1. Masturbate once a week.
2. Continue to explore my bisexuality—maybe get a girlfriend?*
3. Try strap-on sex.
4. Release shame around not having sex when I “should.”
5. More period sex.
6. Tune in better to my erotic desires & initiate sex more often.
7. Find good, hot porn to watch with my man.
8. More morning sex.
9. Sexual education—read more, teach more.
10. Go to Club Sesso (or any sex party / club).
11. Explore ritual & intention in sex.

*Accepting applications all year. (Kidding. Kind of.)

What intentions are you making for your erotic life in 2015? Tell me.

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