I’m Coming Out (Again): My Messy, Confusing, Dramatic Coming Out Story

An actual photo I’m using on my OK Cupid profile currently. It’s Pride month and as such I’ve been thinking a lot about my queer identity—specifically, the ways I honor that in my current relationship and then reminiscing about the rocky and enlightening road that led me to ID-ing myself in this way. Even though… Read More

Bonus! Advice for High-Desire People in a Sex-Starved Relationship

Photo: Tumblr – Email if you know the artist (If you are a low-desire person, here are my tips and suggestions for you.) After writing my last post, I received a bunch of messages from high-desire partners asking me what they can do to help and support their low desire partners. As a person who has… Read More

“Don’t Do It”: Advice For a Sex-Starved Relationship (2/2)

Photo: Spencer Charles via Tumblr   Hear me read this post aloud to you. Press play above to listen. . . . In my last post, I talked about “just do it” sex, which one expert says is a cure for a sex-starved relationship. “Just doing it” looks like having sex even if you don’t want… Read More

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