An Open Letter: You Matter

I am a black, bisexual, able-bodied cis-female in a monogamous (but polycurious) partnership with a white, pansexual, able-bodied cis-male.

I have no perspective on what it means to be. . .

gender queer
a dyke
or, a trans woman/man.

But please know that. . .

your sexual preferenceyour sensual expression,
your gender identity, your body, & what it does & does not do 
matters to me.

Please know that I stand up for you whenever your sexuality/orientation/gender expression is ostracized or called into question within a conversation you aren’t privy to.

Please know that I write every post with you in my mind. Every single post.

Please know that I do my very best to educate & indoctrinate myself on matters regarding the queer, disabled, & trans community.

And while this blog may occasionally use heteronormative lingo, & while it may sometimes fail to communicate the inclusiveness that sexuality & sexual expression is. . .

I am an advocate for your liberation.

Because you matter to me. Deeply.

You are beautiful, talented, remarkable. I look up to you. I learn from you.

If it ever, ever seems like I have left you unacknowledged, unseen,
or unconsidered. . .

please forgive me.

It’s just that I only have this one perspective, one of a black, bisexual, able-bodied cis-female. And from this perspective, I speak, write, & live my truth.

But my labels — the ones I wear on my back & forehead — do not, in any way, inhibit me from being able empathize with your struggles, nor does it cause me to feel nothing towards your personal trials & tribulations.

I am not privileged.*

On the contrary, we’re in this together, you & I.

And in my eyes, we are equal.

So if there is anything (anything!) I can do to assist you, to support you,
to encourage you, to learn from you. . .

I’m here. Always.


With my heart on my sleeve,


*Scratch that: I am privileged, & I’ll do everything in my power to not allow it—however small—to hurt, oppress, or shame you.

© 2018 Ev'Yan Whitney. All rights reserved.