Best of 2016

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December signals the start of my personal winter. It’s when my creative energies begin to wane. It’s when my body starts to crave more sleep and softness. It’s a time where I feel called to go inward and lay low.

And to honor my personal winter, I’m going to be taking a bit of a work and blogging break for all of December to focus on self-care, spiritual practice, and inner reflection in preparation for a new and exciting year.

I’m not going to be completely off the grid. I’ll still be doing work with my private clients and checking in on social media. But I’ll be noticeably quieter on the internet for a bit.

Before I go, I wanted to share a few highlights of 2016 (and my goodness, it was a beautiful, bustling year).


1. I really loved taking a slew of sexy selfies on Instagram as a way of showing my sexual body love and appreciation, but also as an act of protest against the male gaze. Through taking those photos, I was able to truly see myself as a sexually liberated woman with my own eyes.

2. Inspired by my sexy selfie practice, I created a super fun and radical digital workshop where I taught other women and femmes the art and craft of sexy self-portraiture. It was called Sexting Myself and it was such a hit (sold out less than 48 hours!) that I’m planning on doing this again really, really soon. (Click here to get on the waitlist!)

3. I had some fun and powerful conversations on my podcast, The Sexually Liberated Woman, and honestly it’s impossible for me to pick one episode that was my favorite. I will say that my chat with Kristen Korvette about sluts and the episode about sex magic with Vanessa Cuccia and the conversation about sex activism with Allyee Whaley are the ones I can’t stop thinking about.

4. I was The Slutist’s Slut of the Month for May! A huge honor that I unfortunately could not tell my mother about.

5. Performing a few pieces (one of which was written by myself) and basically having an orgasm on stage in front of 150 people for the Vagina Monologues in Portland was pretty incredible and out of character for me. I’m very proud of the work I and the rest of the cast did to come out of our shells and use our bodies and voices as art that night.

6. Another thing I loved this year: That all of my clients were women of color. (More info about how to work with me.)

7. And of course: Having started new year off with a brand new and very bold look, one that prompted me to step into my power in ways that I never had before. I truly believe this digital makeover was the catalyst that made 2016 one of the best years ever for Sex Love Liberation.


Best of SLL


It’s been such a pleasure to share my voice with you this year. Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting my work. Thank you for seeing me.

I’ll see you in 2017.



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