How To Make Me Come: An Instructional Guide To Fucking Me For My Husband


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“Foreplay begins at the end of the previous orgasm.” Esther Perel



Wake me up in the morning with light kisses on my forehead. I will snuggle closer in to you and your heat, holding your body as close as I can to mine. Keep holding me, kissing me lightly intermittently. See if you can match the rhythm of my breath with yours. Let me wake up slowly, quietly.

When my eyes finally open and I look at you sleepily, smile gently at me and whisper good morning as your fingertips softly caress my back up and down. Let me warm to your touch, let my mind have time to make connections about where this could go.

Tell me you love me. Let your hands wander around the corners of my body, still stroking lightly. Let me feel your breath against my hair, warm and comforting. I will graze my fingertips over the skin of your chest, still working to lift the fog of sleep from my eyes.

Then, bring your hand up to my cheek, drawing it gently upward so that my lips are close to your lips and press deeply into me. Let me only feel the slightest wetness of your mouth, getting just the slightest taste of you. Stop me before it gets too much, before we get too ahead ourselves. Keep us from smothering the flame we’ve just sparked.

After our kiss, put your hand against my cheek, holding me with your warmth, reminding me that you are my protector, that you are my most intimate partner.

You will feel my cheeks soften in your palm as I smile, content but anticipating, grounded but heightened.

Let’s stay like that for a while.



Come up front behind me as I’m making lunch and wrap your strong arms around my waist. Breathe the scent of my neck into you. Make my body sway slightly with yours.

Tell me then how you desire me, how you want me. Tease me by not going into detail—don’t mention your cock or your hardness or how horny you are. Speak to the energy you feel building up for me in your body. Tell me how desire feels in your body, the sensations it’s creating, the anticipation that’s spreading. Tell me how it’s driving you wild.

Move your arms from my waist slowly up to my chest, grazing my breasts with your fingers; make me wish you would’ve lingered there longer. Then, move up to my neck. Play with my clavicle. Caress my throat. Squeeze—just enough to remind me how strong you are, how you can restrain yourself to keep from harming me. Breathe against the back of my neck.

Then, turn me around to face you and look me into my eyes. Let me feel how grounded you are, let me feel your unshakable presence. I will put my hands onto your chest so that I can feel the steadiness of your breath which feels like it’s holding us both in this moment.

Hold my hips with your hands and use them to help me press into you more so that I can feel the heat growing between us. Drop your face down so that our lips are just touching, then slowly. . . slowly. . . kiss me, letting me once again taste just a hint of you. Again, keep us from getting carried away, keep us from going too deep. Give me just a glimpse.

Make me feel like time has stopped in that moment, that you are in no hurry to get to a specific destination. Keep me wondering. Take a long as it needs to take.

Then, release yourself from me, grabbing my hand near the end so I can feel your warmth. Hold my gaze for a moment as you hold my hand, and with your eyes tell me what you will do to me the next time we meet.



Use your eyes to direct me to you. And as I come toward you, watch me without looking away. Don’t speak. Show me your desire for me on your face.

When I am close to you, pull me gently into you so that our bodies are touching. Let me melt into you. Then, kiss me deeply on the mouth. Don’t hold back your wetness, your tongue; let me feel all of you, the depth of you. Give me permission to lose myself to my desire for you. Let me feel your desire for me.

Explore my body with your hands. Devour me with your lips, drink me up with your eyes. Let me feel seen and completely held by you. Let me feel safe to explore my arousal along with your body and the energy we’ve been cultivating all day.

Present yourself to me so that I can give pleasure to you. I am aroused by your arousal. Let me taste you.

Then, taste me. Use the tip of your tongue to explore me. Let me feel your hot breath against me, warming me up to you, getting me ready for you. Make your mouth soft for me. Tell me how I taste.

Take your time. Go slowly. Find a rhythm. Bring me to bliss steadily; build me up piece by piece. Give me an impression that you could stay all evening, that we could go all night like this. When you give me time, we won’t have to wait long.

Take me to the edge of pleasure, but keep me from spilling over. I want all of my ecstasy to be saved for when you are inside of me, so you can feel the pulsations of my desire all around you. Just keep me hypnotized in this rhythm of pleasure enough that I’m nearly there.

Listen to my sounds, to the way I am breathing. When I am getting hotter, closer, you will hear it. And that is when I want you to take me. What was once soft and steady can now be given way to firmer and faster. Let your own body find its place in this new rhythm.

Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I will follow where you lead me. I will surrender to your direction. Let me surrender to you over and over and over. In my surrender, I will help you find yours.

And when the heat that we’ve exchanged has softened us completely, take me in your arms and hold me close to you. Let me feel the strength of your hands pressing into my body, grounding me; let me feel the sturdiness of your breath guide me to stillness.

Intertwine your legs with mine. Give me light kisses. Tell me you adore me, that I will always be safe to explore and find pleasure with you. Keep me in your warmth for as long as you can. Let me find comfort there.

I will dream of you while I sleep.

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