28 Wishes On My Twenty-Eighth Birthday


Today is my birthday. I am 28.

Every birthday feels like New Year’s Day for me, but this one in particular is especially sparkling with newness, glittery possibility, and quiet hope.

My 27th year was very much encapsulated by The Tower card in tarot: the shaking and toughening up of foundations; earth-shattering upheavals that leave ruin in their wake; the jitteriness that arises from other old structures soon to be cleared away; bursts of destruction so great that they give way to flashes of enlightenment and ripples of liberation.

Twenty-seven was excruciating and necessary, both awesome and frustrating.

Twenty-eight then, if following this sacred sequence of tarot, will look like The Star:

The calm after a brutal storm that wiped the slate clean in its fury; the fertile smell of the earth after a torrential downpour; a faint rainbow in the distance as the trees quieten their swaying.

The Star represents a heart returning and opening to love again after hard things and confusion crusted it shut. It’s about finding inner strength to hold steady, to keep going, and to see the positive promise of this next leg of the journey—whatever treasures it holds.

What The Star offers in tarot I am intending to embody (and be blessed with) for my 28th year. I am wishing and hoping.

And. . .

Here are 28 other things I’m wishing and hoping for for my 28th birthday.

1. May I feel at home in my body and comfortable in the space it takes up.
2. May I feel at ease in my creative expression.
3. May I know my self-worth.
4. May I keep all the promises I make to myself and others.
5. May I move out of the way of my erotic energy.
6. May I speak (and write) my truth the moment I feel it.
7. And may I know when to guard certain truths not yet fully formed.
8. May I trust the desires I have.
9. May I never allow anyone to slow the pace of my growth and curiosity.
10. May I always know my strength and fortitude.
11. May I learn to rely more idealism rather than cynicism.
12. May I trust my work.
13. May I embrace and express my femme-ness without shrinking.
14. May I become more of a Boss Ass Bitch.
15. May I get better at honoring my natural rhythms.
16. May I never disregard my intuition.
17. May I embody self-acceptance.
18. May I write more.
19. May I strive harder to keep from comparing myself to others.
20. May I say No with more tenacity.
21. May I celebrate my relationships for what they are, not for what I want them to be.
22. May I develop more emotional intelligence instead of blaming things on moodiness.
23. May I continue to stick up for myself.
24. May I pay attention to the ways I participate in my own oppression.
25. May I stay steady on the path of self-care.
26. May I learn to forgive.
27. May I begin anew each day.
28. May I always know that I am loved and cherished.

Happy New Year to me. Thank you for being here.

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