How to Make Love + A Mixtape to Fuck to

Make love like you are light, like you are trying to fill your partner’s body with light. Fill her mouth, her belly button, her eyelids, her cunt with that light. Dance with it. Imagine that this bright, beautiful light is warming and filling her body to the brim. This light is orgasm, consciousness, love. You are light.

Make love like the only thing you can do is to surrender to pleasure, to let it tease and tickle you like pretty voices and flicking tongues. Imagine that you are being blindfolded by pleasure as it takes you by the hand and leads you through treasures of the senses. Trust in pleasure. Surrender to its game.

Make love like you are a Sacred Whore, as if you are bestowing your erotic blessings onto your partner. Show him the Divine through your touch, through your breath, through your sexual beingness.

Imagine that between your legs lies the answer to the question, “Why are we here?” Answer his question. Show him God.

Make love as though you are dancing, as though your limbs and breath are synchronized, as though you are being moved by the rhythm of your pulses. Fast, slow, fast, slow, back and forth. Imagine that the music is universal; that even after the fucking is done that you can continue to dance to this beat. Stomp, flail, step to this spiritual beat.

Make love like you are trying to pollinate flowers, like you are orbiting the sun, like you are conjuring magic, like you are creating sparks that will singe hatred from the earth.

Make love like the orgasm doesn’t exist.

Make love like it is the thing you are best at.

Make love play.
Make. Love. Play.

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Music to make love to: A sultry mixtape for getting your erotic pulse beating harder, stronger, faster. . .

When I’m feeling amorous, these are the songs I’ll play. When I play these songs, I feel amorous.

My body awakens, my ears perk up, my eyes close in pleasure. I love good, strong, throbbing beats, wild atmospheric sounds that make your skin tingle, and voices that croon unapologetic desire in your ears.

Play this mixtape whenever you’re gearing to play with (or coax out) sexual energy. Play it when your erotic pilot needs to be re-lit. And definitely play it when you’re making love to yourself or to your partner(s).

Listen with headphones and turned up loud to get the full effect.
Let it move and groove you. Don’t stop your body from involuntarily swaying.

how to make love with sound from ev_yan on 8tracks Radio.

1. Angel // Massive Attack
2. Slowly // Amon Tobin
3. Fantasy // The xx
4. Papi Pacify // FKA Twigs
5. Eclipse/Blue // Nosaj Thing (feat. Kazu Makino)
6. Betray // Son Lux
7. Look // Sébastien Tellier
8. Phantasm // Flying Lotus (feat. Laura Darlington)
9. Come to Me // Björk
10. Glory Box // Portishead
11. Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel // Atlas Sound

Quick note: If you’re an avid reader of SLL, you’ll notice that #4 will sound familiar. The song was the central theme of an article I wrote recently about kink and sexual expressions. If you haven’t read it, you might consider listening to it as you read along. It’s a juicy one.

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