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For more than a year, I’ve been exploring working one-on-one with women—to be a listener & advocate for other’s erotic & feminine expressions. When I was first starting to explore this work, I had very little faith in myself & was certain that my coaching practice would crash & burn.

That didn’t happen.

No, what happened instead was quite magical.

I ended up being a natural at helping women recover parts of themselves that have been lost or buried for years—parts of their sexuality, parts of their sensual expression, parts of their ability to deeply love & accept themselves as whole, erotic beings.

There were dramatic, life-altering shifts. And deep healing. And big, big releases of relief. It’s been a beautiful, profound, incredible thing to witness.

In the last year, I’ve had & fallen in love with five incredible clients. These women have worked so hard & diligently for their sexual liberation (some of them I’m still working with today). Each session I was given the honor & privilege of witnessing their blossoming, for which I am truly grateful.

And now. . . they’re leaving the proverbial nest, spreading their renewed, gorgeous wings, & emerging into the world with full awareness & possession of themselves.

And I am opening space in my coaching practice for new clients.

People call me a sex coach; others, a women’s sensual healer. As for me, I consider myself to be a sexuality doula of sorts, & I want to work with you!

Were we meant to work together? If so, here’s a glimpse of what it’ll look & feel like. . .

I will . . .

// designate a sacred time & space for you to unfurl & discover.
// be an empathetic witness & a curious explorer, eager to go deeper with you.
// call forth the Sex Goddess (or Wild Woman as she is called) longing to be expressed inside of you.

You will . . .

// be given a safe space to speak your desires from your heart.
// catch glimpses of yourself as an erotic, sensual, divinely feminine woman.
// finally feel like the sensual creature you know you’re meant to be.

We will . . .

// playfully explore all avenues of your life, not just the sexual.
// practice openness & trust.
// speak hard truths.
// follow our intuitions.
// take bold steps toward lasting & fulfilling sexual/sensual liberation.

I can see us exploring many things together, like how you can connect with your innate sensuality, how to manifest your Divine Feminine energy, & what it might be like to fully open up to your erotic potential. 

All beautiful, marvelous, incredible things!

Intrigued? Everything you need to know about working with me can be found here.

Read through the page slowly, deliberately, & carefully. I’ve written everything that you need to know in it, so be sure to soak it all in. If after reading, your heart/body/spirit seems to whisper Yesfill out an application.

> My tip: Write the application from the heart with your first thoughts. Don’t make it perfect, just let those fingers fly.

This is my life’s work. This is my soul’s purpose. This is my next chapter.

Let’s co-create together!

A sidenote to those who have applied before:
If the passion you had last summer to work me is still burning hot, please apply again. Intuition tells me that you’ve changed quite a bit in a year—as have I. I would love to get to know you again.

If you want support in your efforts towards unabashed sensual expression; if you want guidance as you go through your self-discovery journey; if you want to actualize your desires & become the erotic, sexual woman you were born to be. . .

. . . say Yes! by submitting an application.

If you have ANY questions at all, send me an email at

I am so, so excited at the prospect of working with you! Thank you for allowing me the space to come into this brand new purpose.

big, big love,


PS: I forgot to mention that I only work with FIVE clients at a time, so if this sounds like something even remotely intriguing to you, I encourage you to apply today. I have a feeling that these five spots are going to go fast!

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