Sexual Energy is Creative Energy

“The artist’s experience lies so unbelievably close to the sexual. . .that the two phenomena are really just different forms of one and the same longing and bliss.”

—Rainer Maria Rilke

Sex is more than an act. It is an energy; a creative energy. This is the way it is coded inside of our bodies.

As we collide skins with our lovers, as we use our tongues to speak our carnal desires, as we play with our fantasies and boundaries, we are simultaneously co-creating with the universe. We are choreographing our legacies with spiritedness.

We should aim to play with sexual energy as creative energy like we were finger painting with light—joyful, lively, whimsical.

We are wild, creative, naturally succulent creatures. Our true selves come out like fervid exclamations when we are in the throes of sexual pleasure (at least they try to).

Our erotic, creative power is a force to be reckoned with. Our intuitive selves know this and this is one reason we try to hinder the full spectrum of our sexual creative expression. We feel we are not experienced enough to wield its influence so we dull it down to a lull, keep it on a short leash, never let it see more than a few minutes of daylight.

We repress because we do not understand.

But I wonder what would happen if instead of hindering or sexual potency we harnessed it.

What if we saw our sexual energy as a form of magic, and what if we used this magic to bless and change the world?

Singing voices, words in books, and the act of blending of colors on an artist’s palette are more than simple creative manifestations; they are sacred arts of sensual sorcery. Dance studios, workshops, writing corners, and computer desks then transform into sacred stages for which we spin and transmit sexual energy.

We are the masters of this magic. It is innately inside of us.

The moment we all rise up and reclaim our sexual essence is the moment when the entire world will enliven with liberation. This brazen declaration, this shameless outcry of sensual selfhood, is contagious. It will go on to affect every single state of our lives: our finances, our families, our emotions, our dreams, our spirituality, our genius.

When we are sexually free, we inspire others to be sexually free.

Our sexual essence and freedom cannot help but create gorgeous little ripples in other aspects of our (and others’) existence. Like a delicate circuit board, sex is connected to everything.

And we are connected to everyone.

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