Non-Monogamy & My New Marriage: What I Learned (& Where I Stand)

(Note: This is the third installment in my non-monogamy series. Read the first & second.) I sat curled onto Jonathan’s lap, tears clouding my vision as waves of emotion washed over me. I couldn’t stop sobbing. “Why are you crying, honey?” Jonathan consoled me softly. I kept insisting that I didn’t know what was wrong,… Read More

Non-Monogamy & My New Marriage: A Date

(Note: This is the second installment in my non-monogamy series. Read the first.) I came home with a stupid smile on my face, a bag of groceries hanging from one shoulder. Jonathan greeted me with beaming eyes. “Well?” he said in anticipation. “I did it!” I exclaimed. “I asked her out!” He gave me a… Read More

Non-Monogamy & My New Marriage: An Experiment

We started playing with the idea of seeing people outside of our relationship last year. It followed directly after I came out. We decided mutually that non-monogamy was something worth exploring, simply because we wanted to explore it. It was my personal desires that fueled this exploration. He really didn’t have any intention to start… Read More

Sex in Public: “I’m an orgasmic virgin.”

{via, with my modifications} I am a 23-year-old virgin and I plan to stay that way until I get married. A lot of people make fun of virgins or find them repulsive. The media especially frowns down upon them. People ask me, What if you never find the one, what if you get divorced? Their fears… Read More

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