Reader Question: Self-Love & Body Image


(Note: Occasionally, I get a question from a reader that is compelling enough to become an article all its own. This is one of those questions.)

“Hi Ev`Yan,

What is your view on working out to achieve a different body? Is that not having self-love if you don’t like how you look and want to change it?

I see many big women coming to self-love realizations, and although I am happy that they are happy, I can’t do that myself. I feel that even though I should not think negatively about myself, exercise and eating healthy will no doubt bring me to my ideal bodies.

I guess I am confused about self-love.”

— Audrey



I suppose it depends on the reason one is choosing to achieve a different body in the first place.

If you are exercising & striving to lose weight as a way of showing your body devout & loving attentiveness, then I absolutely believe that can be a form of self-love.

But if your wanting a different body stems from societal pressures & is coming from a place of nonacceptance, you’re likely going against your natural self. This “going against yourself*” & wanting to be someone else is a subtle form of self-hatred.

Self-love is self-care, & self-care can mean a plethora of things.

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