Best of 2011

One crazy book launch. An abundance of kind words. A gang of interviews & collaborations.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a tiny recap of effervescent 2011.


The fruits of my labor (articles that went a little viral):

Round Bellies are Beautiful // An ode to full bellies, voluptuous curves, & womanly eminence. My belly dancing friends feasted lavishly on this one.

8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily // A compilation of love-drenched phrases we need to murmur to ourselves every so often. Sure to make your skin goosefleshy & your cheeks warm with completion.

The Lie of Masculinity // From the courageous lips of a self-possessed male who is more than his gender. A thousand bravos.

Your Body is Beautiful the Way It Is // An exercise in euphoric mindfulness of the magnificence of your body (& it’s truly magnificent).

Pubic Hair & the Hairlessness Epidemic // Wherein I answer a reader’s question about the disappearance of female body hair &, in turn, provoke awareness about our own pubic hair preferences.

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Orgasms Are Good for Your Health (& Practice Makes Perfect)

Here’s some food for thought: Orgasms are vital to your existence. Dr. Sara Gottfried believes that we are in the midst of an epidemic of low vitality in our culture, & because of this we need to make orgasm a essential part of our lives, if nothing else than for the sake of our health.… Read More

Sex in Public: “What about the burden on men?”

{via, with my modifications} I hold silent tears. I am listening to beautiful poly people with wondrous sex lives talk. They are talking about creeps. A monogamous woman tired of being hit on. A “poly communicator,” confident and professional. A “reformed creep,” apologetic. There is an overflowing cornucopia of sexuality. Now a woman is talking… Read More

Reader Question: On Having a Low Sex Drive

(Note: Occasionally, I get a question from a reader that is compelling enough to become an article all its own. This is one of those questions.) “I’ve had a low sex drive for as long as I’ve been having sex. When a relationship is new, I have a “normal” sex drive but once I’m comfortable,… Read More

Porn in Public: My Experience at an X-Rated Film Festival

{via} 11:37pm. I yawn as I walk with Jonathan through northwests’ sleepy neighborhood. A light, steady rain falls from the sky, making us choose our steps amongst the wet, slippery leaves wisely. Combined with the frigid air & slight tardiness, we walk quickly, drawing closer & closer to the event that’s keeping us up so… Read More

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