The Importance of Honoring Yourself

Last week, I completed the Intermediate I level at my pole class.

My last class was joyous & light-hearted. There was an excitement in the air for having completed a strenuous, transitional level, which prompted a palpable kind of confidence as we did moves we didn’t think we could eight weeks before.

The last class is a lovely mix of nostalgia & subtle self-celebration.

As we prepared for our final stretch as Intermediate I students, the girls started chatting excitedly about moving onto the next level, Intermediate II, the next level before Advanced.

In Intermediate II, we expound on all that we learned in Intermediate I, but the aerial & inverted (upside down) work is done higher up on the pole. We also work to make the moves fluid so that it can fit into a choreographed routine. Intermediate II ends with a recital.

There was a chorus of “I’m going on!” & “I’ll be there!” amongst the class, but I stayed silent.

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