Reader Question: Race & Sexuality


(Occasionally, I get a question from a reader that is compelling enough to become an article all its own. This is one of those questions.)

“Over these past few months I have been digging deep, trying to recover my sexuality; to understand why I have hidden it; why I have had a problem expressing it–even though it is a part of myself that I do appreciate and enjoy. Recently I have realized that I have internalized a lot of negative stereotypes about black women and our sexuality.

I guess my question to you is, in your exploration of your sexuality have you ever thought about the intersection of race and sex? How it may have influenced your negative or positive feelings about your body and sexuality? I would love to hear your thoughts.” — Alisha

A: Thanks for such a thought-provoking question, Alisha.

I have absolutely thought about race & sexuality, & how those things have influenced my own life. The findings from inquiring deeply about this subject are often times disturbing & uncomfortable.

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