The Lie of Femininity


I came into this world on the fifteenth of September in the year of the rabbit. I was born a girl.

With my birth came ideas & belief systems that were set to define who I was. Most of these views were bestowed upon me without my permission. The essence of my gender was one of them.

From a very young age, I was taught consistently & subliminally about what it means to be a girl, to the point where it became second nature. The Disney films, fairy tales, & depictions of women in the media gave me a good definition of what femininity was. It also showed me what femininity wasn’t.

It wasn’t grass stains or bug catching. It wasn’t action figures or video games. It wasn’t dirt underneath fingernails or combat boots. It wasn’t disheveled or uncouth. It wasn’t callouses or splinters. & it certainly wasn’t the color blue.

No, the definition of Female was shaved legs, long hair, sitting with legs crossed, & cleavage. It was Barbies, being a princess for Halloween, & the color pink. It was the anticipation of being rescued by Prince Charming & eventually being a mother. It was dainty, cute, elegant, delicate.

All of those things were expected of me the moment my parents knew that their first born was to be a girl. Before I even took my first breath, the classification of my sex was already in place.

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