May is National Masturbation Month!

That’s right, an entire month dedicated to celebrating, creating dialogues, and bringing awareness to one of the safest, most healthiest ways to explore your sexuality: Masturbation.

To celebrate this month-long holiday, I want to highlight your personal stories about masturbation on SLL. (Here’s an example of one story that got featured in this project last year.)

These stories can be anything that has to do with the acknowledgment, glorification, conundrums, and sheer pleasure accompanied with you getting off with your own hands (or toys).

This’ll be a no-hold’s-barred discussion, and you sharing your story will be an empowering gesture towards promoting sex positivity, feminism, and sexual liberation.

And yes, you can choose to be anonymous if you please.


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To be featured, use the form below to submit your story/thoughts/odes about masturbation and self-pleasure.

Or, you can shoot me an email—evyan (at)

Not sure where to start? How about you tell me about . . .

  • Why you love getting off solo
  • Some struggles you have in partaking in sexual self-love
  • An ode to your favorite vibrator / sex toy / hand
  • What gets you off—porn? erotica? your lavish, wild imagination?
  • How your relationship with your body has been changed because of solo sex
  • How your relationship with your partner has changed because of solo sex
  • Your jilling off origin story
  • What you’d tell your younger self (or our younger generation) about the importance of masturbation

*By submitting your story, you give me (Ev’Yan) the right to publish it on


1. Submitted stories must be under 500 words.

2. Once your story gets selected, you’ll get an email from me letting you know when you can expect to see it on the blog.

3. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to email me at evyan (at)

“Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexuality.” —Betty Dodson

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