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Sex Love Liberation is a collection of my (Ev’Yan) life’s deepest work by way of a vulnerable heart & unquenchable curiosity. This blog, within the three years it was created, has transformed into a celebration our truest, most sensual natures & the glorious feats in our deepest self-discovery.

Not just mine, but yours.

Some of the articles on this site read like poetry—positive affirmations included. dried-flowers Others read as if they were pages torn out of my secret diary. Everything here was written with the intention to incite, encourage, & stoke the flames of your wild, erotic, sensual spirit.

Want to dive right in? Below is a collection of Sex Love Liberation’s best & most noted work.

Shameless sexuality/sensuality:

On body image & learning to love the skin you’re in:

On audacious self-discovery & self-love:

Some potent reminders:

Some very personal stories of others:

And some very personal stories of my own:

(Want more? Take a peek at the archives.)

Go even deeper. . .

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