She is sensual—she fully inhabits her body.

She is erotic—she knows who she is as a sexual being and knows what turns her on.

She is self-loving—she is kind to herself and accepts herself as she is.

She desires—she uses what she wants as a compass toward self-discovery, autonomy, and self-care.

She has a healthy, active, pleasurable sex life.

She is a goddess, a feminist, a slut, a wild woman that belongs only to herself.

The sexually liberated woman lives in all of us. And she wants to be uncovered from underneath the shame, self-doubt, trauma, and timidness that has kept us feeling broken.

Your inner sexually liberated woman wants for you to bloom. And so do I.

As a sexuality doula, my deepest passion is helping women step out of sexual shame and into their erotic power—one potent session at a time.

And that’s why you’re here—to be opened up to your own erotic potential and to define and embody what it means to be free.

Clearly, you’re ready to be in full bloom. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. I take this as a sign.

Let’s go with it.


If you’re tired of feeling broken, confused, pent up. If shame is keeping you weighed down. If the intimacy you share with your partner is lacking. If you want sex to feel effortless and pleasurable—

I’ve got the medicine you need.

My three-month sexual liberation coaching program acts as a guided, well-lit path toward self-discovery and erotic empowerment. (More details here.)

With gentle coaching and intimate counseling, I’ve facilitated dozens of women into beautiful sexual awakenings. And I would absolutely love to facilitate yours.


A glimpse of what this looks like in practice:

  • Three 60-minute coaching calls a month
  • Weekly assignments and journal meditations
  • Email support and encouragement between sessions
  • In depth after-session notes to help you throughout the week
  • Personalized book/article/film recommendations and resources
  • Little surprises via snail-mail, from me to you

($500/mo for three months)

Sound good?




“It’s a rare gift to find someone who is able to tenderly hold space with one’s vulnerabilities.”

When I opened myself to this experience I knew even as I felt inner fears and ghost trembles that there were parts of me thirsting to be seen. When I heard your voice I felt that the decision to give voice to this call was the only right thing I could have done for the self I want to become. I am grateful for your wise energy, your tenderness and the lightness with which you guided me during these sessions. —Jasmine K.

. . .

“I had no idea just how many harmful behavior and thought patterns would be revealed and challenged during our sessions.”

I was hoping for growth, for a change in how my sensual and sexual self-interacted with the world. I hoped to come to a place without shame, without fear. With Ev’Yan’s help, I’ve given myself permission to be truly liberated. Thank you, Ev’Yan for your compassionate listening and guidance. You’ve given me a tremendous foundation to continue my work. —Lonette R.

. . .

“My decision to try coaching with her was the first domino piece that lead me to my new partner, more fulfilling sex life, and more authentic path.”

Since working with Ev’Yan, I feel like I’ve undergone huge personal transformations that have left me feeling more confident, happier and more in tune with my authentic truth. Ev’Yan helped me trust my inner guidance more and realize that I have an amazing wellspring of knowledge to tap into. —Janet B.


Check out my shop for other tools I’ve created to help you become a Sexually Liberated Woman.



I want to help you blossom into the sexually liberated woman I know you want to be. And if there’s anything I can do to help with that—give you resources, point you to some essays I’ve written, or just give you encouragement—I would love to support you.

Send me an email anytime: evyan@sexloveliberation.com

Wherever you are, may you continue to awaken to your erotic power.

We’re in this together.


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