Let’s Talk Sex, Love, & Liberation; a FREE, live, sultry event.

[ETA: You can watch the recording of this event by clicking here.]

You’re invited. . .

Your presence is humbly & happily requested at SLL’s first live, FREE event.

It’s happening tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET. 

I’m going transmit a short talk about what I like to call The Sexual Embodiment Myth; or, in layman’s terms: why one shouldn’t seek sexual liberation from an outside source — like a pole dancing class or a self-help book — & instead they should look within.

(It’s not as deep as it sounds. Promise!)

After which, I’ll set aside a heap of time to talk to you — yes, you! — about anything you’d like relating to sex, love, & liberation. Part Q&A session, part sensual pow-wow, part heart-to-heart with a close friend.

Did I mention it’s free?!

Where it’s happening:

In your living room. In your office. In your bathroom as you soak in the tub. Basically any place where you have internet access.

The event will be held via the internet & hosted on both Facebook & Vokle.

Then, be there @ 5pm PT sharp.

If it’s a hit, we’ll do it again. And again. And again.

Let’s do it.


A few FAQS:

I live in [your state/country here]; can I still attend?

Absolutely! If you’ve got internet access, you can be there in real time in a flash.

Does it matter which platform I use (Facebook or Vokle)?

It does not. Whatever’s convenient & comfortable for you.

Are you going to be teaching me something?

Let’s look at it like a story sharing session with me about sex & sexuality, not so much a school lesson. It’s going to be very chill & a lot of fun.

How much does it cost?

Zero American dollars & zero American cents. It’s freeee!

What if I want to chit-chat with you? What if I want to ask a question?

Wonderful! YES! I encourage you to bring any comments, stories, or question to the table so we can create a smashing, lively discussion. I most definitely want to hear from you!

If you’ve got something you want to share, you can do it in one of two ways:

Text or video.

If you’re going to do it via video, make sure you keep the background noise to a minimum & you turn your speakers down to keep away the echo.

***Please check out this how-to (& this one, too) so you know precisely what to do when we’re live.

Do I need to RSVP?

If you want! You can do it either through Vokle or you can just show up when it’s time to come. There’s no limit to how many people we can have attend.

I’d personally appreciate having a decent headcount, so if you’re gonna be there, simply say so in the comments section below.

What should I bring?

Your favorite refreshment. Your lovely smile. A wide open heart. And maybe a notebook & a writing utensil (just in case you think of a question during the chat).


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