Sexy Spring! Sensual Photos, Favorite Reads, & My Beloved Book for $0.99

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Spring is my favorite season. The blooming, the buzzing, the radiance. . . everything about it makes the cells in my body (as well as my nasal passages) tingle. I love Spring so much because it embodies sensuality to me the way that no other season can.

And every year, as I bask in it, something seems to activate inside of me & I begin to bloom & buzz & radiate in unison with my surroundings: the lilacs & tulips & sweetpeas; the bees & the tiny baby birds; the moss & the cool, damp earth; the warming, plentiful sun.

 Spring awakens & seduces my senses.

I have to admit that it’s been hard for me to get a consistent amount of work & writing done these days because all I want to do is go outside & play, or take delicious naps in the sun, or read book after book. And while there is a big part of me that is usually saying, “Get back to work! Go do something productive!”, I find myself surrendering the this other voice, which is kind of small but warm & comforting, & it says:

“Go on, indulge. Luxuriate in this yumminess, nourish your desires. This is part of your great work.”

(And it’s true.)

So in the spirit of this lazing about, & as I indulge in some very simple, sensual, quiet moments. . . I’d thought I share a bit of this juiciness with you, in the hopes of inciting you to give yourself permission to steal some sensual moments of your own.

What my Sensual, Sexy Spring looks like. . .

// Wearing my hair down & out, big & curly—even when it rains or when my only errand is to buy a lemon; letting the wind catch it, letting it whip my cheeks; enjoying the deep sense of femininity that comes with it my coily goldilocks.

// Walking. Everywhere. To brunch, to the store, to the dog park, to get acupuncture, to buy flowers. Walking is sensual simply because in doing it, I can’t help but slow down & take in the sensations: the way my hips move, the light in a stranger’s smiles, a cool breeze that makes my curls dance. When I walk, I am thrust into the here & now.

// Sleeveless dresses with black stalkings & boots (+ a little bit of cleavage). Going braless, shoeless—feeling the actual ground beneath my feet. Bronzed shoulders facing sunbeams. The sound my steps make against the pavement.

// Music: Beyonce, Prince, Little Dragon, Erykah Badu, Grizzly Bear, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Sade. Windows open, volume up, dance parties in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner.

// Colors of flower petals on my lips. Experimenting with all shades of red & pink. I like the way it brightens my complexion, whitens my smile. A red mouth goes gorgeously with an illuminated crown chakra.

// Waking up earlier to catch the perfect (yet fleeting) amount of unfiltered sunlight that hits my back deck for a few hours. Ginger tea with my favorite mug in hand, a good book, stillness, & closed-eyed sungazing. Mmmm!

// Speaking of. . . I’ve been reading some very incredible books these last couple months.

> She, Robert Johnson
> Wild Feminine, Tami Lynn Kent
> Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, Sherri Winston
> Coming Home to Myself, Marion Woodman
> Sex Matters, Osho
> salt., Nayyirah Waheed
> Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes
> The Gift, Hafiz

// Sex. Hot ‘n sweaty, slow & sensual, multiple orgasms & quick seconds. There’s something about the warming air & my heightened senses that brings my sexual desires out, pulsating—no matter where I am in my cycle.

// Sleeping in when my body is craving it. Waking up when my body is ready for it.

// Wide open space in my schedule. Keeping from bogging my calendar with engagements & commitments. Spaciousness & ease is sensual.

// Flowers: in my home, in my hair, giant blooms in the palms of my hands & at my altar. Stopping to smell them, capture them, marvel at them, pet them. (This is what makes my walks so glorious.)

// Impromptu, cherished dates with my beloved. Sushi. Frisbee in the park. Laying in bed together & waking up slowly. Walking together to get fixin’s for dinner. Movie marathons. Tickle fights. With so much pleasure.

// Journaling my first thoughts, with a good ol’ pen & piece of paper. Letting things flow, letting ideas unfurl. Allowing patience for poetry to form. Easing into creation.

// Gratitude. Big, big heaps of it. Bathing in it. Praying for it. Using it as a mindfulness practice. When I am aware of the blessings around me, even the little ones, life breathes technicolor, words resonate like poetry, & love becomes tangible. All thanks to gratitude.

MORE. . .
horoscopes; moon-gazing & star-watching; Tumblr; fresh, organic berries; watering the plants; legs entwined; coconut oil; people watching; rose quartz & hematite; coloring my hair; selfies & self-worship; long bubble baths; going back to my roots.

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to your sensual, sexy spring & self:


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