The Sexually Liberated Woman: A Conversation With Kate

It’s been two years since I opened my sexual liberation coaching practice, and since then I’ve had the honor of facilitating a diverse group of women into lush erotic and sensual awakenings.

slw-evyanBeing a sexuality doula—that is, one who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women who want to transition out of sexual shame and into their erotic power—is my deepest, truest passion, and through this work of intimate counseling and gentle coaching, I’ve witnessed some pretty gorgeous transformations.

I’ve watched timid wallflowers bloom into vibrant, voluptuous exhibitionists. I’ve seen the sexually traumatized heal their wounds with the mindfulness and power of a medicine woman. I’ve been filled with awed as I witnessed the raw vulnerability it takes to stand in the truth of who you are.

With each session I’ve had, with each woman I’ve held space for, I have been changed, challenged, and cracked wide open, and their stories continue to inspire me long after we’ve had our final session.

So for the entire month of August, I’m going to be highlighting and celebrating the Sexually Liberated Woman. Not the idea of her, not the vague notion of her, but her true-blue sexual empowerment in the flesh, featuring some of the courageous women I’ve had the privilege of working one-on-one with in the last few years.

First up. . . Kate.

Kate came to me with a desire to have her erotic life be in full bloom. She wanted to be wildly feminine and was curious about what “the Divine Feminine” meant to her. She wanted to feel a deep connection to the world around her—in both a sensual and an intimate way.

But she felt closed-off, numbed out, censored. She was struggling with feeling at home in her body and didn’t have a clear connection to her intuition. And all of this was completely stifling her innate sexuality.

So, when she found out I was beginning to accept clients for one-on-one work, she followed the impulse of her heart and invited me to facilitate her journey.

Soon after, we got to work.

One thing I loved about working with Kate was the depth of her resilient spirit. Even when things were topsy-turvy, even when she was unsure and right in the middle of intense self-discovery, the core of who she was—her strength, her tenacity, her curiosity—remained sturdy, hopeful, open.

And it wasn’t long before she began to bloom radiantly into her feminine, self-loving, and deeply erotic self.


“I feel like I got my fierceness back. I don’t waver at the core of who I am anymore.”

It’s been almost two and a half years since we worked together; lots of things have changed for Kate. And we recently sat down together to discuss where she’s at in her sexual liberation journey now, while reminiscing along the way.

Take a listen to our candid conversation below.

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> The moment she knew her heart needed some attention.

> The connection between her fear of lack of control and her enjoyment of sex.

> On following her intuition: “I had spent my whole life suppressing it so no one could tell me I was wrong.”

> The hard points: “Pain was more familiar to me than pleasure.” And. . . “I didn’t feel seen as a woman at all.”

> The perspective shift that changed everything.

> “Sex before felt like a performance.” Now? It’s a completely different experience.

> Being sexually liberated isn’t just about the sex, “it’s a liberation of yourself.”

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