We’ve been encouraged to keep our sexual natures hidden—as a way of being polite, as a way of being modest, as a way of keeping this holy part of us shamed.

We’ve been taught that it’s inappropriate to show ourselves as fully actualized sexual beings outside of the context of sex, and we’ve been taught to see the ones who show themselves off sexually as sluts or whores.

Because of these sex-negative lessons, so many of us feel like our sexualities don’t really belong to us.

Because of what we’ve been taught, it’s hard for us to really believe that we’re sexy or desirable, so we seek that validation from others—namely, in the gaze and approval of our partners.

I don’t think I have to tell you that having our erotic expressions thrive on the sexual affirmation of others is not sustainable. In doing so, we’re giving our erotic power away to someone else.

But what would if you could take your erotic power back into your own hands? What if you could validate your own sexual radiance?

Introducing . . . Sexting Myself!


Sexting Myself is a 14-day digital workshop that will teach you the art of taking sexy selfies as a method of radical self-love and sexual acceptance.

Each day, you’ll receive an assignment via email where you’ll be challenged to take a selfie following a particular theme/subject. Each assignment will be accompanied by journal prompts you can use to help you find deeper peace with your sexuality as you’re uncovering.

With Sexting Myself, we’ll be exploring and celebrating who we are as sexual beings, using our cameras to help us see how erotic we are.

All of this will be done in a judgment-free, women’s only space that will foster the safety and privacy of everyone participating so they can explore freely.

As we play with sexting ourselves, we’ll not just be having fun—we’ll be doing deep work around uncovering and healing our erotic expression. We’ll be destigmatizing our sexual bodies and bringing awareness to our sexual identity.

This class is as powerful as it is simple.

One of my favorite quotes is “You can’t be what you can’t see” and it’s so true.

We can’t be sexually liberated women unless we see ourselves as sexually liberated women.

Sexting Myself will show you your sexual radiance through your own eyes.



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sm-picHi! My name is Ev’Yan Whitney, and for the last year I’ve been using sexy self-portraiture to help me see and affirm my own sexuality.

For the longest time, I would look in the mirror and wonder what it was about me and my body that would be seen as erotic. Outside of sex, I felt clunky and girlish in my body—not at all sexy.

It wasn’t until I started taking sexy selfies that I finally began to see a shift in the way I considered myself sexually. Every selfie I took was photo evidence of my softness and sensuality that I couldn’t dispute.

Through sexting myself, I found a sexual identity that is all my own, one that is independent of a man’s desire or sexual needs, one that leaves me feeling powerful, sensual, and feminine.

That’s why I created Sexting Myself. I want all of that for you, too.

So many things have changed for me as a result of me taking sexy selfies:

  • I feel more comfortable in my sexual body
  • Sexual energy feels more present in my daily life
  • My libido has gone way up because I feel more confident to express myself sexually
  • I show up to sex more fully
  • I have found a deep love and appreciation for my body

But especially. . .

When my man tells me that I’m sexy, I believe him—not just because I trust his words, but because I’ve seen my sexual radiance with my own eyes.

I don’t need my husband’s validation about my sexual expression anymore. I’ve taken my erotic power back and put it in my own hands.



 Some of my own selfies that have helped me find sexual acceptance.



  • 14 easy and fun selfie assignments sent to your inbox daily
  • A 28-page guide that’ll give you tips and tools so you can take your best selfies
  • Helpful photo examples so you can take your selfies with ease
  • Powerful questions with each assignment that’ll help you heal your sexuality
  • Email support and encouragement

Sexting Myself also includes a super private, invite-only forum where you will able to share your sexy selfies with the other women taking the workshop.

Note: Participating in the Sexting Myself forum is optional!

I’ve designed this class so you can take it in the privacy of your own experience if you prefer. The forum is just a little bonus you can take advantage of if you want your selfies witnessed and celebrated by like-minded, sex-positive women like you.



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It’s about seeing our bodies and ourselves in a sensual, soft, erotic light. It’s about creating our own sexual narratives that don’t involve the usual tropes our culture applies to femme sexuality.

It’s about taking our erotic power back.

One of the most powerful things I’ve realized through taking sexy selfies is that my sexual expression isn’t only for the gazes and pleasure of men. My sexuality is for my gaze, for my pleasure, first and foremost.

This is not vainglorious or superficial. By turning the camera lens on ourselves in this way, we’re exercising sexual ownership that is constantly trying to be taken from us, and we’re changing the notion that this area of our lives is reserved only for our partners.

And we’re having fun with it, to boot!

I hope you’ll join us.

You deserve to know how sexually radiant you are.



Love, Ev’Yan xo


1. I want to take this workshop, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my selfies with anyone. Do I have to?

Definitely not! This was designed to be done in the privacy of your own experience if you wanted to. Sharing in the community (or with anyone!) is not mandatory and you’ll never be pressured to do (or share) anything you don’t want to in this workshop.

2. When does the workshop start exactly?

It starts officially the day after you buy. So, if you buy today (September 23) you’ll receive your first selfie assignment on the morning of September 24.

3. The private community sounds amazing, but I’m still nervous about how private it’s going to be. . .

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to me, and I have put certain systems in place to ensure everyone’s safety. For instance: keeping the class size small; certain commenting guidelines; and having everyone sign an agreement that they’ll follow non-negotiable rules of the community.

Of course, it’s not fool proof (I mean, this is the internet) but trust that I’ll be doing everything in my power to keep you and your selfies protected.

4. I don’t really identify with the word ‘woman’ but I consider myself a femme. Can I join this workshop?

Yes! This workshop is for cis and trans women and non-binary femmes of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, orientations, and abilities.

5. My body doesn’t look like a model’s. Am I allowed join the workshop?

Of course! This workshop is totally body inclusive.

6. I’m under 18, can I participate in this workshop?

Sorry, this workshop is for women and femmes 18 and over.

7. Am I required to go full nude in my selfies?

No! The unofficial motto of Sexting Myself is “As bare as you dare” and you’ll be encouraged throughout the workshop to honor your own comfort levels—even if that means you’re only comfortable taking sexy selfies in a one piece bathing suit.

No matter where you are, we’ll still be celebrating you and telling you how much of a goddess you are.

8. What if I don’t like this workshop? Do I get a refund?

There are no refunds for this workshop due to the content being digital and delivered immediately. So please shop mindfully!


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*Art by Lovette Zola

© 2017 SLL / Fueled by orgasm and fierce self-care