Sex in Public: “I did a nude photoshoot.”

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I love to honor my body.

Its beautiful, creamy chocolate complexion, slightly round belly, storytelling scars, and story-holding vagina remind me of my greatness.

In the nude, I feel authentic and sexy. I love my naked body.

I always knew that I wanted to do a nude photo shoot. The liberation that comes with baring it all in front of a camera, recording sensual moments of bliss, gave me a rush of pure adrenaline in mere thought.

If exposing my body could empower others to see the beauty in their natural temples, I certainly would not keep the secrets of my physical design to myself.

In the late summer of 2011, I decided to shoot with a photographer for the premiere issue of my magazine, Corset. We’re the “go-to magazine for all things sexuality,” shepherding in a new movement of people looking to learn and attain sex consciousness.

After hours of posing, talking, sharing, and capturing unadulterated flashes of my authentic self, I found myself even more liberated than when I first arrived. Knowing that an international audience would see my nude body only reaffirmed my confidence and freed me to be comfortable in my nakedness at all times.

Now, you’ll find me in my home, on the beach, or wherever I feel comfortable (and it’s legal) enjoying my nude self.

With the help of numerous writers and contributors, I hope that my first nude photo shoot empowers others to rethink our relationships with nudity.

Shame and fear-infested ideologies aside, we are beautiful just the way we are.

Arielle, Brazil


Arielle Loren is the Editor-in-Chief of Corset, the go-to magazine for all things sexuality.

Embracing human curiosity, restoring sensuality, & celebrating sex, CORSET delivers enlightening, empowering, educational, & entertaining content to readers ready to step beyond their comfort zones & uplift a necessary discourse.

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